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It was my mother's 51st birthday last Thursday, but no party was organized since my mum is the kind of person who likes things very simple and don't like others making a fuss over her b'day. So this year, it was strictly a very private celebration with just mum and I, the 2 of us. As for the b'day cake, well, to be honest, my mum doesn't particularly like eating cake, so she never buys any of those fancy cakes which are specially for birthdays, so she always settles for the very simple and cheap cakes you can buy at the supermarkets to substitute. So this year, we bought a chocolate block cake from Woolworths (one of the 2 largest supermarket chains in Australia) that was baked by the supermarket's own bakery for just AU$5, very cheap.
My mum actually wanted a chocolate mud cake from Worthworths, the same cake that my mum and I occasionally bought and she really liked, but on the day were went shopping for the cake, which was on the same day as her b'day, all the choc mud cake were sold out. And since there's so very limited selection of cakes available at Woolthworths, we settled for the closest cake to the mud cake available at the time, so we ended up with this choc block cake, which is basically the same to the mud cake, only a few minor differences in shape and the way the cake was frosted.

DSC03058.jpg DSC03060.jpg
The cake was disappointing, because the texture was so dry, each mouthful of cake had to be accompanied with either a scoop of choc icing or a sip of water just so each mouthful was palatable for my senses, the texture was that dry. However, not all is lost, despite the very disappointing dry texture of the cake itself, a good amount of cocoa component was added to the cake mixture prior to baking, so the cake had a very rich chocolate taste, therefore I will give the cake points for that.
But the star of this cake was definitely the choc icing, the icing was sugary with a thick consistency and loaded with sweet chocolate goodness. The icing was really heaven, honestly, I would've happily just devoured the choc icing alone and abandon the cake itself!but that would've been unfair to my mum, and it was her special day and her b'day cake after all, so I left much of the beautiful choc icing for my mum.
However, even with the lovely choc icing, it shouldn't really be a redemption to be particularly proud of, because with any cake, the cake itself should be the star of the show, not the icing, the icing should be merely a bonus...but unfortunately, that was the case for this cake, so I had a bit of difficulty when it came to rating this cake. I really loved the choc icing, and the cake was chocolaty, but the dry texture just ruined the cake for me.

My rating (overall):

I honestly did not have any high expectations from this cake to begin with, because it was bought at a supermarket, so really, just how much can a person expect from a supermarket bought cake? It's common knowledge that the overall quality of a supermarket cake tends to be inferior (often quite significantly) to a more expensive cake you would buy from a patisserie or a independent bakery. So I really wasn't expecting much from this choc cake, and I'm glad I had such low expectations, otherwise I probably would've given it an even worse rating than I have. I still gave this cake an overall 3 hearts because of the beautiful choc icing and the amount of cocoa content in the cake itself. The only problem the bakers at Woolworths need to fix with this cake is to improve its dry texture, it should be soft and moist, if they improve that then it would be a smashing cake.

And my mum agreed with my opinions on this cake, and we unanimously felt that the chocolate mud cake we had bought in the past was overall better than this cake.

Happy b'day to your mom! =D
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Crystal & ^_^ -

Thank you both! My mum had a wonderful birthday, it was a very private and quiet b'day celebration, just the way she wanted itv-290
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