Country Ma'am chocochip cookies - Mix 3 flavors

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'Country Ma'am' is the name for Fujiya's popular brand of chocochip cookies, I love these 'Country Ma'am' cookies they're so yummy and with so many exciting flavors to choose from and with more new flavors released each year. I'm not too fond of Fujiya and it's certainly not among my favorite Japanese manufacturers, but with that said, their delectable 'Country Ma'am' chocochip cookies are the ultimate excuse for me to keep coming back to this company!
The makers at Fujiya had adapted the American choc chip cookies and added their own little Japanese twist to it. Unlike typical American choc chip cookies which tends to have a consistent texture, these 'Country Ma'am' choco chip cookies have a more complex texture; soft and crumbly on the inside, harder and crunchier on the outside. So if you do plan on giving these Country Ma'am chocochip cookies a go, don't expect these cookies to have the same kind of texture and standards of a typical American choc chip cookie, because they are very different. These Country Ma'am cookies may share the same concept, but their way of execution and baking are different. The 1 mistake I see other foodies tend to make is judging these Country Ma'am cookies based on the standards & texture of the typical American choc chip cookie, that is a big NO in my books! Because these cookies are different to its American counterpart, I believe they should only be judged on the product itself and on their own aspects in terms of texture and flavor, and NOT compared to their American counterpart. Because after all, these are simply the Japanese style of choc chip cookies.

Anyway, today I'm going to review about this box of mix 3 different flavors of Country Ma'am cookies; classic Vanilla, Cocoa and Gianduja, which is a smooth chocolate paste that contains at least 30% hazelnut, while old tradition recipes of Gianduja contains about 50% hazelnuts.
because this is a mix pack of different flavors, I will rate each flavor individually.

this is the classic vanilla flavor:
the harder and crunchier exterior layer of the cookie had a decent amount of vanilla flavor, and the inside was very soft and crumbly with little chocolate chips embedded, the vanilla flavored cookie and the choc chips really blended together well in terms of flavor and balance.

My rating (overall):

here's the cocoa flavor:
one of the good things about Country Ma'am cookies is that depending on the flavors, you can either warm them up in the microwave or cool them in the freezer to bring out more of the flavor of the cookies. So I did just that for the cocoa flavor and heated them up in the microwave for about 18 seconds, which melted the choc chips embedded inside, softening the interior of the cookies even more, which made the inside nicely sweet and melt in your mouth. The heat also softened the exterior of the cookies, making the texture of the cookies as a whole lovely soft and crumbly. The cocoa flavor from each cookie base and the embedded choc chips was perfect for me with just the right amount of cocoa sweetness and the slight subtle bitterness of the cocoa component in the cookie base could also be tasted.

My rating (overall):

and here's the gianduja flavor:
not as much cocoa component was used in this gianduja flavor compared to the cocoa flavor, but there was certainly traces of nutty hazelnut flavor in the cookie base, there was also a few little chopped hazelnut pieces embedded inside the soft interior of the gianduja cookies along with the choc chips, further enhancing the hazelnut flavor. These gianduja cookies had a good balance of chocolate and hazelnut flavors.

My rating (overall):

to give people an idea about the flavor of gianduja if you haven't heard of it before, the most famous gianduja product on the market today is the hazelnut chocolate spread called 'Nutella' which has been popular since the 60s, manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero, and I'm sure many people know or have tried Nutella before, so yeah, that's basically giandujain the past, Nutella used to be made with 50% hazelnuts and 50% chocolate, nowadays, the amount of hazelnuts used to make the spread has reduced though, which is a bit disappointing for me.

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