Hot dog bun from Nice Bakery

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So it's been a while since I last went over to my local chinese bakery Nice Bakery, so a few days ago, I decided to pop over there and grab some of their yummy buns for lunch. I picked up one of my usual favorites, the crab & cheese bun, and also this hot dog bun for AU$1.40, which seems to have only been added to their range a few months ago.

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well, basically it's a typical hot dog bun you would find in any chinese bakery. There are a couple of faults to this particular hot dog bun, firstly the bread was disappointing, instead of being light and airy, the texture and consistency was rather dry, heavy and flat, which made the bread quite hard and chewy. The sausage itself was also slightly overcooked, because its texture was also quite hard and chewy...but still tasty nonetheless. And I thought the little amount of tomato sauce/ketchup brushed on top was unnecessary, because the texture of the sauce dried up which cooled down the temperature of the sauce and resulted in the sauce becoming rather sticky in texture, which wasn't very pleasant. Since these buns & pastries are being stored in these transparent display cabinets with lift up doors at room temperature for periods of time each day, sometimes a piece of bun or pastry could be stored in those cabinets for hours before being snatched up by a hungry customer, these pastries & buns naturally cools over time. Which often can spell bad news for baked foods that have any kind of sauce brushed on top of it...but luckily, there was only a tiny amount of the tomato sauce brushed on the hot dog bun, so it wasn't a big problem.

Overall, this hot dog bun was quite a disappointment, at its best, the sausage was its only redemption, but even the sausage was very ordinary and nothing to boast about, and it was overcooked anyway. I've tried better hot dog buns from other chinese bakeries, so if you do head down to Nice Bakery some day, this is one product I do not recommend you waste your $1.40 on...and there's still plenty of other better and tastier buns and pastries you can choose from at Nice Bakery which are more worth your money.

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If you happen to live in the inner west area of Sydney and would like to check out Nice Bakery, refer to this entry for the address of the bakery. I think for the moment this bakery only has 1 location, though I'm not completely sure.
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