Kit Kat - Matcha (renewed) & Strawberry tarte

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It has been a while since I last blogged about Kit Kats, so today I will review 2 more Japanese KKs, both fairly recent releases; the renewed version of the popular Matcha flavor, and the new Strawberry Tarte flavor, both released in late 2011.

Firstly the renewed Matcha flavor:

the thick sweet green matcha chocolate coating the classic crispy wafers, the matcha flavor infused into the white choc coating was so strong and enriching, the sweetness of the white chocolate and the bitterness from the matcha powder used were beautifully balanced in flavor, the amount of matcha powder also gave the choc coating its brilliant green color naturally. There were also layers of more green matcha flavored choc between the wafers, further enhancing the overall richness of the matcha flavor in each bar.
Overall, I can safety say that this is no doubt the best version of this classic favorite flavor of KK from Nestle Japan. It well exceeds its previous matcha versions, which I thought had weaker levels of matcha flavor. I will certainly be getting more of these!

My rating (overall):

now moving onto this new flavor of strawberry tarte...
KK-strawberrytarte.jpg KK-strawberrytarte2.jpg
this box contained 6 pieces of mini strawberry tarte flavored KK bars. The Japanese sure love their strawberry and strawberry desserts flavored sweets, and Nestle Japan has released heaps of strawberry and strawberry dessert flavored KKs over the years. Their latest strawberry flavor edition promises to reminiscent the popular strawberry tarte dessert. I have to admit, when I first discovered this new flavor, my first thought was "here we go again..." due to the array of different strawberry KKs we already have on the market over the years (which by the way, they all ended up tasting more or less the same). Not that I hate all this overuse of strawberry flavor in sweets, but I have to admit that lately I have become rather annoyed with Nestle Japan for constantly pushing out all these strawberry flavored KKs which are labelled as different flavors, but most (if not all) end up tasting pretty much the same and not much else.
And as soon as I took my first bite of one of the strawberry tarte KK bars in the box, my suspicions were finalized...the flavor was just as I suspected; artificial strawberry flavoring, as usual, just like many other strawberry flavored confectioneries in the world nowadays. Besides the artificial strawberry flavor, I honestly could not detect any other flavor in these KK bars, no tartness either...just perhaps they used a bit more artificial flavoring this time, which enriched the artificial strawberry flavor a bit too much.
Overall, I think this new strawberry tarte KK is just another excuse from Nestle Japan to use even more of the artificial strawberry flavoring, the taste was very much the same to most (if not all) of the other strawberry flavored KKs I have tried over the years, only marketed in yet another different packaging.

My rating (overall):

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