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I went shopping with some friends last Saturday at Chinatown and around the Sydney CBD area and decided to drop by at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants in the area; Kura restaurant for takeaway. I ordered one of my usuals the Sushi deluxe (you can read about my review about Kura's sushi deluxe here) and a serve of Taiyaki with matcha ice cream for dessert.
Taiyaki is a popular Japanese-style fish-shaped cake made from either pancake batter or waffle batter and traditionally has azuki (red bean) paste filling...although nowadays, there's more modern variety of fillings available, such as custard fillings and chocolate, but you will usually still find Taiyaki with azuki paste fillings.

So these were the Taiyaki I got from Kura restaurant for around AU$6 for 3 small Taiyaki and a small container of matcha ice cream, I had ordered the dessert for takeaway:
taiyaki.jpg taiyaki2.jpg
I was a little disappointed that some parts of the batter skin was burnt, obviously the chef had slightly over-baked the Taiyaki, it's not exactly culinary pleasantness when you see dark burnt patches on your food, except maybe if it's for a BBQ, but not when you're baking Japanese sweets like Taiyaki. It brought out that unpleasant burnt taste, but luckily it was only very mild. The batter was rather plain and tasteless and there was not enough azuki paste filling for my liking, the flavor of the azuki paste was surprisingly rather bland as well, meaning the flavor was very subtle.

Overall, these Taiyaki were disappointing, I have tried plenty of Taiyaki from other restaurants and vendors over the years which were baked MUCH better with just the right amount and balance of batter and filling, and were baked for just the right amount of time and with stronger flavors.
I've always enjoyed dining at Kura restaurant and their food are mostly delicious at reasonable prices and the service is always good. However, their Taiyaki is just one of the few disappointments I fault them on. This was the first time I've ever ordered Taiyaki from Kura restaurant, and frankly, I wouldn't want to waste my money on them anymore. But Kura does serve plenty of other food which are really delicious that showcases the talent of its chefs.

If you want to know the address of Kura restaurant located in Haymarket Sydney, please refer to this entry.

My rating (overall):

yeh I tried taiyaki from Kura before & it wasn't very good...
2012.04.01 20:16 | URL | Crystal #- [edit]
Can you please recommend a place where i can get at least average or better Taiyaki for a reasonable price in Sydney? I dont care where from, i will literally wake up at 5 am just to get to the dam vendor. I want to eat more Taiyaki!! ^w^ (i am also willing to catch a train, yes, all for Taiyaki.)
2012.12.02 00:11 | URL | Jack #vnO9xef6 [edit]
For years I have tried to find Taiyaki in Sydney and could never find any, I just came back from Japan and tried every version possible and now I am SO ADDICTED. I am with Jack, is there a favourite Taiyaki place in Sydney? That sells them hot, fresh and delicious? I don't mind the travel!
2013.03.02 17:11 | URL | dee #- [edit]
Jack & Dee -

Sorry I don't know any place that sells good Taiyaki in Sydney, I've been trying to find one myself but haven't had much luck as of late.
2013.06.28 23:37 | URL | Linda #- [edit]

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