Lotte 'Pie no Mi' cookies - Strawberry cheesecake

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I hadn't ordered from in almost 2 years, so back in January I decided to place another order with them and I received the package sometime last month.

This is one of the yummy goodies I ordered from them, I really like these 'Pie no Mi' snacks from Lotte, these decent bite-sized yummy hexagonal-shaped puff pastry cookies with various cream fillings. This is the Strawberry cheesecake flavor:
pienomi-strawcheesecake.jpg pienomi-strawcheesecake2.jpg
I knew even before I ordered these that I was overall going to be satisfied with these regardless because 'Pie no Mi' is one of the few snack brands from Lotte that has me wanting more of, but, I try not to be too bias in my reviews
As you can see in the photos, the cookies are made of puffy pastry cut into bite-sized hexagonal shapes, as you can imagine with puff pastries, their texture is very soft, crispy and flaky with lovely flavor to them. There were also some sugar granules baked into the top layer of each pastry cookie, which brought out some sweetness to the puff pastry shells. There's really nothing you can fault with the pastry shells of these cookies, they really were perfect.
The cream filling on the other hand, has a few minor can tell straight away by the first taste that the strawberry flavor is artificial, and my taste buds could not detect any trace of cheesecake flavor in the cream filling, so I was very much just tasting regular artificial strawberry flavored cream. I am not sure whether if it's just my taste buds failed to detect the cheesecake flavor, or the cheesecake flavor was non-existent to begin with, and that it's just simple artificial strawberry. If it is the latter, then I have to say, the people at Lotte really have misled us the consumers with the way they've marketed this flavor for 'Pie no Mi', they could have just marketed this as a simple strawberry flavor, and leave the "cheesecake" bit out.

However, despite these little flaws with the strawberry "cheesecake" flavor filling, I will not hold it against Lotte in using artificial flavoring considering most snack & confectionery manufacturers in the world these days use artificial flavoring most of the time anyway, it has sort of become a staple in snack & confection making in the business, so what can you do?

Overall, these were absolutely delectable, the cream filling was decent and nothing special because of the artificial and possibly misleading flavoring, but the soft and flaky puff pastry shells most certainly made up for the average cream filling, together the puff pastry shells and cream filling really complemented each other well.
Needless to say, these 'Pie no Mi' cookies make great snacks to munch on anytime anywhere, so why not grab a pack? If you haven't tried these 'Pie no Mi' cookies before, I highly recommend you do so.
Although, if you live outside Japan, then these 'Pie no Mi' snacks are probably more difficult to find in shops & grocery stores compared to more widely known snacks like Pocky and Pretz, since 'Pie no Mi' is not as widely available outside Japan. So you would probably need to follow in my footsteps and order them online from online shops that sell Japanese snacks & sweets, such as J-List.

My rating (overall):

I love these Pienomi snacks too! it's 1 of my favs along with Pocky & Pretz & Yanyan!
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