Sakuma drop candies - Choco Banana crepe

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It's been months since I last blogged about these wacky drop candies from Sakuma, so I decided it's high time I brought the attention back to these fascinating candies, and this time I'm going to shine some light on another sweet food-inspired Sakuma candy.

Like many of Sakuma's candies which are special releases from certain regions or cities across Japan, these Choco Banana crepe flavored candies are from the famous diverse fashion district of Harajuku located in Tokyo, Harajuku is also one of the most popular fashion capitals in the world:
sakuma-chocbanana.jpg sakuma-chocbanana2.jpg
as soon as I opened the tin, my senses were immediately welcomed by the sweet smell of chocolate, which took me by surprise. I eagerly popped a candy into my mouth and was further pleasantly taken aback by the accurate sweetness infused into these candies. The sweet aroma and taste of chocolate was surprisingly strong and accurate, the flavor of the banana was also detectable by my taste buds. Initially the flavor of the banana bear much similarities to artificial flavoring, however I dismissed the probability of the use of artificial banana flavoring when the natural somewhat slight bitter aftertaste of banana kicked in. Since artificial banana flavorings do not leave any natural aftertaste.

Among all the different Sakuma flavored drop candies I've tried over the years, I think these choco banana crepe flavored candies are the most accurately executed in terms of flavor, as well as 1 of the best in my opinion. This has also become my new personal favorite Sakuma flavor candyjust slightly trumping the Cheesecake flavor.

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this is so interesting, I think I gotta try this! Where did you buy this?
2012.03.19 13:07 | URL | Crystal #- [edit]
Crystal -

Hi Crystal, I ordered this from You should definitely try this one, it's really good, definitely one of the best flavors Sakuma has come up with so far! ^_^

2012.03.27 00:00 | URL | Linda #- [edit]

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