'Pejoy' biscuit sticks - Cheesecake & Red Wine

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In the world of biscuit stick snacks, Glico's 'Pocky' definitely leads the way...but its inverted counterpart 'Toppo' from Lotte has a strong holding, as does Pocky's sister brand 'Pretz'.
As far as I knew, Glico has never produced an inverted version of their star product 'Pocky' to parallel with 'Toppo'...that was, until 2 days ago when I went to my local Chinese grocery, they had stocked on some new snacks, and I noticed a new snack product from Glico that I had never seen until that day. It's called 'Pejoy', the inverted version of 'Pocky' & the equivalent of 'Toppo'.
Curious, I went to search 'Pejoy' on google & noticed that there's quite a number of different flavors for it...however, I could only find 2 flavors available at my local chinese grocery; Cheesecake, and a Red Wine chocolate flavor. And apparently, it seems 'Pejoy' is a product produced solely by Glico's Chinese division in Shanghai. Unlike its sister products 'Pocky' & 'Pretz' which are mass produced by every branch of Glico worldwide...then again, that could be the reason why I had never heard of 'Pejoy' until that day.

Anyway, this is the cheesecake flavor:
it has a nice, though slightly mild cheesecake flavor in the cream filling of the biscuit sticks...personally, I would've liked the cheesecake flavor to be a little stronger, but nevertheless I loved every bite! I will definitely be buying this again

My rating (overall):

and here's the Red Wine 'Pejoy' flavor:
I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about this flavor initially because I hate wine & beer and any sort of alcohol beverage since I can't tolerate the taste of alcohol. But I managed to gather up the courage to give it a go at least. The first thing I noticed when I opened the first packet was the color of the biscuit sticks, they were dark brown in color. Unlike regular biscuit sticks which are pretzel-like...these biscuit sticks are made with cocoa. Whilst the flavor of the red wine cream filling wasn't as empowering as a freshly poured glass of wine, which was a relief for me. Although the taste & aroma of red wine was still quite strong and dominated the flavor of the choc.
Overall, it was a interesting experience for me, the wine flavor isn't too strong, and nor was it subtle...if you're a lover of wine, then you would probably love this...but if not, then you might want to give this a pass. I personally liked it, it's definitely not a flavor I'm particularly fond of...I have no intentions of buying this flavor on a frequent basis...but it wasn't anything "bad" either...it just depends on personal preference.

My rating (overall):

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