Kit Kat x MOS Burger - White chocolate

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It's been a long while since I last blogged about a Kit Kat snack, so I thought today I should review one.

This new KK flavor I'm going to blog about today is a special release, nothing special about the KK flavor itself, but rather the marketing of the product. Nestle Japan recently collaborated with MOS Burger to create this special white chocolate KK flavor.

Now, before I get into this KK itself, here's just some background info on MOS Burger, in case some readers have never heard of it. MOS Burger is a Japanese fast food chain that was first established in 1972, the 'MOS' in its name stands for "Mountain Ocean Sun".
MOS Burger is famous and currently also has stores in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and just recently a MOS Burger store opened in Brisbane; Australia in April 2011! There used to be one in Hawaii but it closed own in 2005. It seems a store has also recently been opened in S.Korea in late 2011.
According to wikipedia, there were 1327 MOS Burger stores in total in 2005, but the number of stores has increased since then. MOS Burger is currently the second largest fast food franchise in Japan, after McDonald's.
I personally have been to several MOS Burger stores during my trips to Japan, I always love the food and service there, seriously, their burgers are so much better than those from the American chains like McDonald's & KFC. I personally think the food in MOS Burger are tastier, and they come up with some really unusual but interesting burgers, and what's even better about them is that the burgers at MOS Burger tend to be slightly healthier than their American counterparts, because they have more healthier options in their range. I especially love their range of rice burgers
I hope a MOS Burger store will open here in Sydney in the future, now that they have opened one in would be so cool if they open at least one store in every major city in Australia!*fingers crossed*

Anyway now that you know a bit about MOS Burger, now moving on to this KK itself:
MOSwhiteKK.jpg MOSwhiteKK2.jpg
creamy thick white chocolate coating the classic crispy wafers, with milk chocolate sandwiched between the wafers. The blend of both white and milk choc really complemented each other and balanced each other out evenly. Even with little amount, the milk choc filling was still quite strong but not overpowering the white, in turn, the white choc coating wasn't particularly dominating either. A very good blend indeed.
Overall this was a very good white KK flavor...though I think it probably would've worked even better if they had coupled the white choc with dark choc instead.
For me, this is the best white choc KK flavor that Nestle Japan has come up with so far, in fact, I think this is the best white KK bar ever released!

My rating (overall):

I mentioned earlier that the marketing for this KK is quite unique, because this is a collaborative KK between Nestle Japan and MOS Burger, this special white choc flavor KK is only exclusive at selected MOS Burger restaurants across Japan, so it's quite a rare release, and I assume, only for a limited time.
But luckily NapaJapan had these in stock and that's where I ordered mine fromthis is one of the reasons why I love shopping at NapaJapan, not only do they have so much in their catalog, they also always manage to get their hands on even the rare of products!
As far as I know, this is also the very first time Nestle Japan has partnered up with a fast food franchise to create a special release KK.

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