Shirakiku Marukyo Funwariyaki - Japanese Azuki bean cake

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I went to my local asian grocery early this morning to buy some groceries and came across this pack of Shirakiku Marukyo Funwariyaki in the snack aisle. Initially I thought these were Dorayaki; a popular Japanese-style cake that consists of 2 small soft cake patties resembling pancakes with various kinds of fillings (usually azuki bean paste) sandwiched between.
These cakes look exactly like Dorayaki, however it states on the package as 'Funwariyaki' This is the first time I have ever heard of 'Funwariyaki' and I have not been able to find any info about it online, so I am not sure whether Funwariyaki is a identical spin-off of Dorayaki, or 'Funwariyaki' is just a novelty name the manufacturer came up with for this product.

Anyway, so this is the original flavor Funwariyaki, there were 5 individually wrapped cakes in each pack:
marukyo-funwariyaki1.jpg marukyo-funwariyaki2.jpg
like Dorayaki, the texture of the 2 cake patties were soft and moist enough like sponge cakes and had very subtle hints of sweetness. The filling was azuki (red bean) paste made from 100% azuki beans grown in the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, so you know they're the freshest and of the highest quality azuki beans. The sweetness of the azuki paste was also rather mild but still full of lovely azuki flavor. The subtle amount of sweetness of the azuki paste leads me to believe that very little, or none at all, sugar was added to the paste during the cooking & preparation process, to utilize the flavor of the azuki beans to its fullest potential.

Overall these 'Funwariyaki' were lovely without being overly sweet...even for people who have the sweetest of tooth, often want a snack that's not dominated by sweetness, and these Shirakiku Marukyo Funwariyaki are an ideal treat when you want to indulge on sweets that are not too sweet.
There seems to also be a matcha-flavored Funwariyaki by Shirakiku Marukyo, in which matcha is infused into the cake patties. I would love to try that one too, but I have not seen the matcha Funwariyaki in any of the asian groceries I've been to. So for the moment, it seems the only way to get my hands on the matcha flavor is to order it online, several online stores that sell asian sweets seems to have it in stock.

What I love about Japanese sweets is that Japan tends to put only about half as much sugar into their sweets & confectionery as western countries, without degrading the quality in any way.
And I've always had a soft spot for food & sweets made from Hokkaido especially or foods/sweets that have been made using ingredients produced in Hokkaido, because Hokkaido has a very impressive reputation of growing the finest quality produce in Japan

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