Morinaga - 'Dars' Bitter and White chocolate

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Sorry guys for the slow updates, I have quite a busy life and don't have a lot of time to update my blogs.

Anyway, today I will review about these yummy 'Dars' chocolates from Morinaga, these 'Dars' chocolates have been in existence for many decades and has enjoyed great popularity in Japan for many years.
During my last trip to Tokyomart, I managed to get my hands on the classic white chocolate Dars, and the fairly new release 'Bitter chocolate' Dars, which is basically dark choc, released in late last year.

firstly, the white Dars chocolate:
dars-white1.jpg dars-white2.jpg

these decent-sized pieces of sweet white chocolate had a lovely smooth and creamy texture and literally melted in my mouth in a matter of seconds, these chocolates were absolutely divine, there's really no need to describe in detail just how irresistibly yummy they were. I literally devoured the whole pack in under 2 minutes!

I don't usually eat white chocolate because of its lack of cocoa solids; which are the low-fat nutritional component in chocolates, in other words the cocoa content or 'cacao'. Therefore on nutritional terms, white chocolate is the most fattening and unhealthy choice when compared to its milk and dark counterparts.
But even so, I do still enjoy the occasional white fix once in a while, and whenever I do feel like indulging on white choc, these Dars white chocolates from Morinaga is always my first choice
If you are a white chocolate lover, then you just have to try these white choc Dars!

My rating (overall):

now moving onto the Dars Bitter chocolate:
dars-bitter1.jpg dars-bitter2.jpg
these are dark chocolates basically, same beautiful smooth, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth texture as the white Dars, infused with the decent amount of bitterness of the cocoa. And because this is dark chocolate, these are even better for my preference since I am such a avid lover of dark chocolate!And nutritionally, these are also the much healthier option.

My rating (overall):

And because these Dars chocolates are basic chocolates, they are not only the perfect confection to indulge on, but also great for use when making various sweets & desserts

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