Kabaya - 'Saku Saku Panda' cookies

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I have been quite intrigued by these 'Saku Saku Panda' cookies from Kabaya for quite some time, so when I saw them selling at Tokyomart during my last shopping spree there, I decided it's about time I tried these for myself.

sakusakupanda1.jpg sakusakupanda2.jpg
the design of these panda face cookies are not only kawaii, but also quite unique, there's 3 layers in total of each cookie; a top layer of white chocolate for the panda face, under that a layer of milk choc for the panda's eyes, nose & ears, and finally underneath all that choc is a layer of cookie. Each panda face cookie has a different facial expression, these are certainly one of the cutest looking cookies I've ever seen
The use of the word さくさく (SakuSaku) is common in the Japanese world of snacks & sweets, in translation it literally means 'Crispy' or 'crunchy', which I think is what the makers at Kabaya were aiming for with these cookies, hence why they included the word in the brand name. But unfortunately, I think they missed the mark with this one...don't misunderstand, these kawaii panda face cookies are so yummy, the pleasantly sweet chocolate layers were literally melt-in-your-mouth, and the fusion of both milk and white choc was a complementary blend.
The one thing where I think they missed the mark is the cookie layers underneath all that chocolate, with a brand name like 'Saku Saku Panda', one would expect the cookies to have some degree of crunch or crispiness to them, since that's clearly what the makers at Kabaya were aiming for when they came up with this name. But on the contrary, the texture of the cookie layers were just as soft as the chocolate layers and literally melted in my mouth along with the choc. I recall the cookie layers had completely dissolved in my mouth by the time the chocolate began to melt...certainly not 'SakuSaku', perhaps Kabaya should consider renaming the cookie brand to 'Tokasu (melt) Panda'

Other than the rather misleading brand name, these cookies are chou Oishii delectable anyway and are great snacks to munch on anytime anywhere.

By the way, I also love the kawaii little panda manga strip printed on the packaging:

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