Bourbon - 'Every Burger' cookies

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Finally, my first review for a snack that's produced by Bourbon; another well-known Japanese confectionery & snack manufacturer in Japan, but is still much less renown overall than its larger & more famous rivals Glico, Meiji, Morinaga & Lotte.

I have seen these 'Every Burger' cookies from Bourbon on NapaJapan's catalog for quite some years and have seen them being blogged at numerous other food review blogs. I have also seen a very old Japanese commercial for these 'Every Burger' snacks which appears to date back to the 80's, which prompts me to believe that these little "burger" snacks have been around for the last few decades. With such a long existence, these little "burger" cookies must have quite a popularity in Japan.

I myself have been intrigued by these Every Burger cookies for quite some time, so I felt it was high time I tried these myself, so I ordered a box on my last order with NapaJapan:

everyburger.jpg everyburger2.jpg
Each box contained 2 separate packets of 8 cookies, so a total of 16 cookies in each box.
These kawaii "burger" cookies were bite-sized, the cookie "buns" had a nicely soft and crumbly texture, some other bloggers believe the "sesame seeds" on the top cookie buns are real sesame seeds, but upon closer inspection, I have my doubts...although I'm not completely sure what they are exactly either, a few other people have even suggested that they might be poppy seeds.
Anyway, the fillings had 2 layers; a layer of white chocolate as the "cheese" and below that a layer of brown choc to simulate the "burger patty". The chocolate "patty" had a particularly stronger and slightly more bitter taste than regular milk choc, which prompts me to believe that it's probably dark choc instead.
The chocolate fillings balanced out the cookie "buns" very well. And I love that the cookies overall were not overly sweet, due to the layer of suspected dark choc because if its slight bitterness in flavor, much to my delight as dark choc is my personal favorite chocolate type.

Overall these 'Every Burger' cookies are not particularly overwhelming, but nonetheless they're still very tasty treats.

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