Sakuma drops candy 'Anago-meshi'

Posted by Linda on 22. 2011 0 comments 0 trackback
It's been so many months since I last blogged about these legendary but always fascinating candies from Sakuma, the last Sakuma drops candy I reviewed was the Takoyaki flavor back in March.
If you've followed this blog for a long time, then you might remember I had pointed out before that Sakuma mostly draws their inspiration from various Japanese savory foods and cuisine, although they have released a couple of sweet food-inspired candies too. The number of different flavors for these Sakuma drop candies available are in abundance, and ever so growing with more new flavors added each year.
Here is another one of Sakuma's many savory food-inspired candy; Anago-meshi from Hiroshima prefecture:
sakuma-anagomeshi.jpg sakuma-anagomeshi2.jpg
Hiroshima prefecture located south-west of Honshu (Japan's largest and main island) is the birthplace of the famous Japanese savory pancake dish Okonomiyaki. But it's a lesser known fact that Hiroshima is also famous for another popular dish called Anago-meshi, which is basically broiled conger eel on top of rice. Hiroshima was one of the destinations I was fortunate to visit during a trip I took to Japan about 3 years ago, had several pleasant experiences with this dish while I was in Hiroshima city and since then I've been quite fond of Anago-meshi.
Anyway, what a love about this particular sweet rendition of the dish is that the people at Sakuma managed to capture just the enough amount of flavor of Anago-meshi and infused it into each small candy. Because this was a rendition of a savory food, the amount of sweetness of each candy is slightly reduced, giving you a pleasant but not overly sweet candy. Personally, I thought the balance of the Anago-meshi flavor and the sweetness of the candy was just right for me, I wouldn't want the Anago-meshi flavor to be any stronger than already infused into each candy, after all, this is still a confectionery.

Among all the savory food-inspired Sakuma drop candy flavors I've tried so far, I think I like this Anago-meshi flavor the most.

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