Pocky 'Chocola on Chocola' - Caramel chocolate

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Hey again, sorry for not updating these past few weeks, I had a project to do for work that was due last Friday, so I didn't have the time to update.

Anyway, if you're a regular reader of my blog, then you would know by now that I absolutely LOVE 'Pocky'! It's my ultimate favorite Japanese snack brand, I could live on it! Seriously!So what flavor Pocky will I review about today? Well, the 'Chocola on Chocola' range of yummy Pocky sticks were first released last year in 2010 in Japan in 4 flavors; Praline chocolate, Caramel choc, Double choc & Milk choc.
During my last visit to Tokyomart, I bought the Caramel chocolate
pocky-chocolacaramel1.jpg pocky-chocolatcaramel2.jpg
Pocky's popular 'Chocola on Chocola' range of Pocky snacks basically means double layers of chocolate coating instead of the usual one layer for the regular Pocky flavors. The top layer of choc is drizzled on each biscuit stick in a fancy and attractive pattern.
Like Pocky's other special ranges of snacks, there's much less sticks in each box for these 'Chocola on Chocola' special flavors, compared to the amount of sticks you'd get per box for the regular Pocky flavors. The special flavors typically only contains 9 sticks in total per box, but the special flavors means you get more coating on each stick and even better flavorsSo if you consider the extra enhancement for flavor, the much lesser amount of sticks doesn't sound all that big of a disappointment after all.
And this Caramel chocolate flavor from the 'Chocola on Chocola' range is certainly every bit more special than any of the regular Pocky flavors! The first layer of chocolate was the Caramel choc; thick and pleasantly sweet with a good amount of caramel flavor coating 80% of each stick, and finally the second layer of creamy milk choc drizzled on top. Because of this double-coating effect, the flavors and sweetness of the choc coating are more substantial than the regular Pocky flavors which typically only has 1 layer of choc coating.

My final verdict? DIVINE! So yes, if you ever come across Pocky's 'Chocola on Chocola' range, or any of its other special range of flavors, or even just a regular Pocky flavor, grab a box of these yummy snacks!I'm still kicking myself for not getting more boxes of Pocky during my last Tokyomart trip!Oh well, there's always next time! Next time, I probably won't be able to hold back on my Pocky obsession!Perhaps it's better I go with a friend next time I decide to shop for snacks, just so they could hold me back before I decide to buy a box each (or maybe even 10 boxes!) of every Pocky flavor I see lined up along the snack aisle! LOL!

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I love chocolate anything so these look delish!
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yay POCKY~! I love it! it's my fave Jap snack too! =D these double layers coating Pocky looks so yummy! I was gonna get these when I saw it in a asian grocery last week...now I'm kinda disappointed that I didn't get it! =(
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