Jagariko - Roast potato & butter

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After my fond experiences with Jagariko's Salad and Cheese flavors, I was quite excited when I discovered this special Roast potato & butter flavor from the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, selling at Tokyomart during my last visit to the grocery:
jagariko-roastpotato1.jpg jagariko-roastpotato2.jpg
considering these Jagariko snacks from Calbee (Japan's largest chips manufacturer) are basically overly fried potato sticks, nailing this particular flavor is like simply switching on the TV for the people at Calbee, compared to the other flavors they've come up with for Jagariko...but that's not to say they've ever failed to nail the different flavors, because judging from my personal experience with the snack brand, they've been successful each time.
As expected, because of the extent of the frying, each of these potato sticks were excessively crunchy and crispy bursting with lovely fried potato flavor. What I also love about this particular flavor is the fact that they've also embedded a generous amount of chopped parsley in each stick, enhancing the full flavor of each stick even more.

My rating (overall):

would love to try them...you had me with crunchy!
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