Morinaga traditional caramels - Azuki (red bean)

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These traditional caramels from Morinaga have a VERY long history, they are one of the most recognized and oldest Japanese confectioneries ever produced, its history dates back to 1897 when these traditional caramels were first produced in Japan during the Meiji Restoration! That makes these Morinaga traditional caramels 114 years old! With the Milk caramel being its debut flavor, it wasn't long before these traditional caramels found its way in every shopping basket across Japan. For many generations, Morinaga's famous traditional caramels have been a very popular family treat, in recent years, you'll find an array of different caramel flavors.

After my delightful first experience with the Milk caramel flavor, I was eager to dig into a new flavor, so for my second try of these famous caramels, I picked the azuki (red bean) caramel with much excitement.
Each piece of these caramels had a relatively hard and chewy texture, which is how most caramels typically are anyway. But, for me personally, that would be the problem. As I have mentioned numerous times in my other reviews in the past, I am not a fan of caramels, because I dislike the stickiness of typical caramels. What makes Morinaga's Milk caramel an exception is its unusually soft, chewy but much less sticky and almost instant melt-in-your-mouth texture that really blew me away the first time I tried them! Because of its much softer, creamier and melty texture, they did not stick to my teeth (which is the main problem I have with typical caramels). With these qualities satisfying my taste buds, Morinaga's milk caramels are certainly on a whole new different league to all those typically hard & sticky caramels I've tried and sighed in disappointment on over the years.

It was this sensational experience I had with the milk caramel that prompted me to have another indulging session with Morinaga's traditional caramels, as I had assumed, well, more like hoped, that the unusually pleasant texture was the pivot across the entire range of Morinaga's tradition caramel flavors.
But in all honesty, I'm left quite disappointed with this particular Azuki flavor...mainly because of the texture; it was not much different to other typical caramels I've tried in the past (and don't like); hard and sticky, worst nightmare for your teeth. They were nothing like the soft & creamy and non-sticky texture of the milk caramels, so that was a big turn-off for me. Its only redemption in my books was the azuki flavor, there was quite a generous amount of the sweetness and essence of azuki beans infused in each piece, which was pleasant to my taste buds.

But if you are one of those people who like caramel in general, then you'd love these Azuki caramels, and perhaps more so than I did...the only aspect I liked about these azuki caramels is the pleasantly generous amount of azuki flavor. But to each their own.

My rating (overall):

By the way, what I love about the packaging of Morinaga's traditional caramels is the fact that they have retained the old-fashioned designs, which in my opinion is very appealing, the old-fashioned design on the packaging gives it a nice nostalgic feeling

I personally do not like caramels either and for the same reasons. I once actually pulled out a filling with a caramel.
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I am happy you feel the same way about caramels! ^_^ A lot of people like it, but I personally don't understand what is so "good" about them, I mean, they're hard and sticks to your teeth.

But I definitely recommend Morinaga's Milk caramel, it has a different texture to typical caramels in the sense that its texture is much softer, creamier and they don't stick to your teeth, they quite literally melt in your mouth almost instantly! Which is very unusual for caramels ^_^
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