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Here's another pack of goodness I bought from my last trip to Tokyomart; 'Flower's Kiss' candy from Kasugai!
flowerkisscandy1.jpg flowerkisscandy2.jpg
what initially captivated my attention about this candy while I was wandering along the stacked sweets & candy aisle of the grocery was the beautiful and colorful packaging. Intriguing, I picked up a pack of these candies and read the label that said "Flower's Kiss Candy", I thought in my head "what a attractive name!" and fueled my fascination even more, so without hesitation I put the pack in the shopping basket.
As I got home, this pack of 'Flower's kiss' candy was one of the goodies I was most eager to dig my fingers into! As I opened the pack and sorted through all the little individual packets of candy, I noticed that there were a total of 15 different kinds of pretty flowers printed on the packets along with the names of the flowers, with some of the same flower prints printed on several packets.
I eagerly grabbed one of the small packets, opened it and popped the candy in my mouth, my taste buds were immediately welcomed by a pleasant sweetness, yet with a slight refreshing taste. However, I could not smell or taste any flower scent coming from the candy, it was either too subtle to notice, or completely non-existent, which was a bit of disappointment. But, I was still quite satisfied with the pleasant sweetness of the candy, and so were my taste buds.
As I happily relished the sweetness of the candy, the notion immediately came to me as I examined the rest of the unopened individual packets before me, that perhaps each candy has a different flavor that corresponded to the different flower printed on its respective packet. So immediately after I finished the first candy, with the flavors still so vivid and familiar to my taste buds, I picked up another packet that had a different flower print on it and popped it into my mouth. Disappointingly however, the flavors were exactly the same as the previous candy, which made me realize that my notion was incorrect, and that the different flower prints were merely there for added attractiveness to the packaging.

Honestly, I think naming this candy "Flower's kiss" is a bit misleading, with a name like that, the candies should be at least infused with some level of flower essence, but I could not detect any in these candies. The essence of flower was either way too subtle to detect by my human senses, or it was completely non-existent. If it was the latter, then the label was indeed misleading.
Another disappointment was the fact that the candies all tasted the same, I would've liked it more if there was a bit more variety.

Overall, despite its disappointments, these "Flower's kiss" candies from Kasugai to have their good points...even with the failed attempt at capturing the flower essence, each candy was infused with plenty of lovely sweetness, and I give extra points for the beautiful packaging.

My rating (overall):

Kasugai must have an excellent marketing/advertising team, which I appreciate. I think they did a perfect job, you noticed it in the store because of the packaging and the name. You purchase it and even though youy were disappointed that there weren't 15 different flavors you still like the candy. Job well done
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Well...I think it's more to do with the fact that I'm not picky about food ^_^ some foodies are quite strict & picky about their preferences, I'm not that picky. I do have my preferences, and expectations, but for me, as long as the food tastes good, that's the most important thing ^_^
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