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Here's another goodie from the many sweets & snacks I bought from my last trip to Tokyomart; 'Koeda' from Morinaga:
koeda1.jpg koeda2.jpg
"koeda" literally means 'small twigs' in Japanese, and indeed, once you open the box you realize that these little Koeda sticks are made to resemble little tree twigs, they look so cute! I didn't measure each "twig" of chocolate, but I believe, if my memory serve me right, that they were no longer than 4 or 5cm each. The box contained 10 small packets of Koeda choc sticks, and each packet contained 4 sticks, so a total of 40 Koeda sticks were included in the box. And at less than $6 for each box, I think it was a reasonable value for your money.

Basically each small Koeda stick consisted of plenty of little crispy malt puffs covered in milk chocolate, the choc had a pleasantly smooth and creamy texture and taste, and accompanied with crispy malt puffs, I think it's a match made in heaven in the confectionery world.

To be frank, this was my first experience with Morinaga's 'Koeda' brand, although I've long wanted to try it, and I'm glad I did this time round because I happily devoured the entire box and really enjoyed the taste and textures of each Koeda stick.
I'll definitely be getting more Koeda snacks!

My rating (overall):

By the way, Koeda is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, what a feat that is! Omedatou (Congratulations) Koeda/Morinaga

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