Tokyomart trip #2 + 2 more LOTTE sweets!

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It's been many months since I last blogged about a product from Lotte, as I hadn't bought any from the company for a long while.
With that said, last Friday while shopping for snacks with a friend who lives in Northbridge in northern Sydney, we stopped by at popular Tokyomart (one of the very few AUTHENTIC Japanese groceries in Australia). It was my second trip ever to Tokyomart (you can read about my first ever visit to the grocery here). Needless to say, every time I step into this wonderful Japanese grocery, the feeling is so exhilarating I turn into a excited little kid in a candy store! I've envied my friend ever since she moved to Northbridge in October last year, who lives just a 5 minutes walk away from Tokyomart.

Anyway, so while we were in Tokyomart, I practically went on a shopping spree (like I always do when I'm in Tokyomart), stacking up on as many food and snacks I can possibly afford out of my pocket at the time ($60+ as a matter of fact)! About 97% of my heavy overloaded shopping basket consisted of some of my favorite Japanese snacks & sweets. And since it had been an unusually long time I last bought Lotte products, of course, I grabbed a few Lotte sweets too while I was there.
I have to admit, there's only very few brands from Lotte I particularly like, and those are 'Crunky', 'Koala no March' and 'Pie no Mi', so whenever it comes to Lotte products, I usually make a beeline towards those brands only. However, because 'Pie no Mi' cookie snacks are hard to find outside Japan, and unfortunately Tokyomart don't stock up on these either, sadly I couldn't grab any 'Pie no Mi' cookies. But that's not to say it makes things any easier for me when it comes to choosing what to buy, and that certainly was the case last week. Because I was buying so much food and snacks, I had spent about 10 minutes debating back and forth about which Lotte sweets to buy, as I was only planning on getting a few Lotte snacks that day. But I knew it had to be either 'Crunky' or 'Koala no March'. Eventually I settled for a strawberry flavor 'Crunky' and a cheesecake flavor 'Koala no March'.

this is the Strawberry 'Crunky':
crunky-strawberry.jpg crunky-strawberry2.jpg
lovely rich creamy strawberry flavor chocolate with REAL freeze-dry strawberry bits and crispy malt puffs embedded all throughout, do I even need to explain how good this was?

My rating (overall):

Cheesecake 'Koala no March':
koala-cheesecake.jpg koala-cheesecake2.jpg
crunchy biscuits with sweet cheesecake flavor filling, yum!
Although I felt the cheesecake flavor was a little too subtle for my liking, I would've preferred the cheesecake flavor in the filling to be a lot more dominant, after all, the fillings are suppose to be the star in Koala no March snacks. But with the rather mild cheesecake flavor, the filling was a bit of a disappointment for me.
In terms of flavor accuracy in the filling and the balance of flavors, the Caramel Au Lait and Cappuccino Koala no March are still superior.
But these "cheesecake" flavored ones were still tasty nonetheless, after all, it's Koala no March!

My rating (overall):

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