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I've known about 'Puccho' for quite some time now, I've read reviews for these gum-like chewy candies from UHA on numerous other blogs over the years, and I just so happened to come across these Puccho candies being sold at one of the local Asian groceries around my neighbourhood last week, so I decided it's about time I give this brand a try myself.

this is the cola flavor:
puccho-cola.jpg puccho-cola2.jpg
each piece of the candy had a nice chewy texture like caramel candy without the stickiness, and the cola flavor was very rich and accurate. There were also some fizzy bits embedded in each piece to further compound the cola flavor and give it that 'fizziness', which I thought was a nice touch as the experience was almost like you're drinking fizzy cola.
However to be perfectly honest, even with its good points, for some reason there was nothing about these Puccho cola candies that truly "wowed" me. I can't really pinpoint the problem...I liked the rich cola flavor and the addition of the fizzy bits was a neat enhancement. I guess I simply don't find anything particularly special about it.

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