Kit Kat - Petit Cheese

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Having came across quite an amount of unusual and wacky flavors of confectionery and sweets from Japan, I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised when I saw this box of CHEESE flavored Kit Kats at NapaJapan, and yes, these are from Japan also!

these petit cheese flavored KKs are available in 2 size party boxes; a pack of 6, and pack of 10, I bought the pack that contained 10 petit bars:
kitkat-petitcheese1.jpg kitkat-petitcheese2.jpg
As much as I love Japanese kit kats, I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive to try this particular flavor at first...cheese-infused choc KK didn't really sound all that appetizing for me initially. But then I thought, considering I've tried and endured some really strange flavored sweets in the past, why not give this one the benefit of the doubt also? After all, this is Kit Kat, and I love KKs! So after a while of much thought, I decided to give this one a try at least.

Firstly, when they dubbed these as 'petit', they literally meant it, these bars of KK are the smallest size KK bars I've ever seen, they're only about 3/4 the size of a mini KK bar in length, and the width of each piece is merely a single-bar, different to the typical double-bar.
Secondly, the taste itself...well, one thing is for sure is that they really didn't hold back with the cheese flavor! The amount of the cheese flavor in the chocolate coating was so strong it dominated over the sweetness of the white choc. What you get are tiny bars of 'cheesy' chocolate, you could barely taste the very vague sweetness of the choc, it was almost non-existent, the cheese flavor was THAT strong!
Was the whole flavor experience pleasant? Well, I'm sort of sitting on the fence with this one. I'm all for unusual and wacky flavors and I see myself as someone who is rather more open and receptive of strange and unique flavors than some other stricter foodies and food critics might be. But do I "truly" enjoy my chocolates to be infused with a non-sweet ingredient that's so strong and so over-powering in flavor that it almost takes away all of the sweet goodness, something like cheese? Perhaps not. I prefer having cheese as a separate indulgent to accompany some chocolate, but not so much as to infuse the two components together for a confection.
Perhaps the guys at Nestle Japan thought that it might be an interesting idea...but does it really work? Probably not.

But still, I don't regret trying this cheese KK. I might not want to get my hands on it again anytime soon, but I'm glad I at least gave it a try. But despite the flavor not being particularly pleasant, I still thought it was somewhat an interesting concept...after all, it did got me somewhat intrigued.

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