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It's Pocky time again! Time for another review of my favorite snack brand of all-time!

this is the classic 'Sweet milk' Pocky that my cousin gave me when I went over to her house last weekend:
pocky-sweetmilk.jpg pocky-sweetmilk2.jpg
this is a smaller pack of Pocky compared to the regular size box, with less quantity of the Pocky sticks, but usually these smaller packs have such kawaii inside packagings, as seen in the photo above.
Before I get into the review, if there's anyone here who don't know what sweet milk is, the truth is, it's just regular un-soured, un-skimmed cow milk that you buy in stores today. 'Sweet milk' is just an old-fashioned fancy name for regular un-skimmed milk, so it's not condensed milk, or buttermilk or any other kind of milk.

Anyway, moving on to this box of Pocky itself, I really loved the creamy white chocolaty coating infused with the sweetness of the milk. What's even better is that, instead of using milk powder like most confectionery manufacturers usually use for their sweets, Glico (manufacturer of Pocky) used REAL milk for 6.1% of the milky choc coating, so the texture and taste of the sweet milk and choc coating is smoother and richer.
While the biscuit sticks were nice and crispy as usual.

The only negative feedback I have is that I felt there was just not enough of that rich sweet coating on each stick, I would've loved it even more if there was more coating on each of the crunchy sticks.

Overall, this is another knockout classic Pocky flavor that surely satisfies anyone with a soft spot for junk food, like me!

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