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Here's another special flavor Japanese Kit Kat I bought from NapaJapan, this is 'Annin dofu' flavor from the city of Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture:
kitkat-annindofu.jpg kitkat-annindofu2.jpg
Ok, before I go into reviewing this particular KK, let me just explain what Annin dofu is, in case anyone here don't know what it is.
Inspired from a popular Chinese dessert called 'Annin dofu' in Japanese romaji, the dessert is called 'Xingren dofu' in Chinese and literally translates to 'Almond tofu', but often it is also called 'almond jelly' or 'almond pudding'. This dessert is thought to originate in Hong Kong and is often served in dim sum restaurants worldwide, it's also a very popular dessert in Japan, Singapore and Taiwan.
Even though the dessert has 'tofu' in its name, there's actually no tofu content in the dessert at all. The main ingredient in Annin dofu is of course almonds, authentic Chinese would use Chinese type almonds, but regular almonds can be used too. The process of making Annin dofu includes soaking and grounding the almonds in water, then extracting the almond milk, sweeten, heated up with agar and then chilled. Once the dessert is chilled, it solidifies into the texture, consistency and appearance of a gelatin dessert or soft tofu; hence the use of 'tofu' in its name. However, considering the actual ingredients used to make the dessert, and its characteristics, 'Almond pudding' or 'almond jelly' would be the more accurate names to best describe the dessert.

I had only ever tasted Annin dofu once, and it was at a Hong Kong restaurant in Tokyo when I went to Japan last year, and I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised by how delectable it was, the dessert was so light, refreshing and sweet and was very cleansing to your palate. So when I saw this special Annin dofu KK at NapaJapan, I was quick to add it to my shopping cart! And I'm glad I did! The Annin dofu flavor in the white chocolate coating was just enough to shine through and cleanse your palate, it wasn't too subtle, nor was it too over-powering, you can still taste the sweet white choc too.
And the wafers, well, they were lovely and crispy as usual, with more choc between the wafers.
Overall, do I recommend this Annin dofu KK? Definitely!

My rating (overall):

I'm sort of disappointed that I had only ordered one mini KK bar of this, if I had known it was going to be this good, I would've ordered more!
The reason why I didn't order more at the time was because of the price, considering this is yet another special flavor, and take into account the numerous other special regional flavor KKs I've reviewed in the past, you can imagine how expensive this one is compared to regular flavored mini KK bars. Besides, I had ordered several other special regional KK flavors, among a stack of other goodies in the same order.
But I definitely recommend this Annin dofu KK to anyone, at least give it a try, I'm sure to order more of this in the future, I think it's worth it.

I am living in the US. I just have a chance to buy different version of KK in Japanese grocery store only. US Nestle does not have this kind of KK.....Why don't they make other version of KK here?
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Hi, thanks for visiting my blog :)

Neslie Japan produces the most amount of Kit Kats in the world! They already have more than 100 different exciting flavors of KK, and are continuing to produce even more each year!

In comparison, other countries don't make a lot of flavors for KK, they only make very little and, and usually "boring" flavors.

This is why I love Japanese KKs! :D and don't really like KKs from other countries.
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ohh how much i love kitkat :)v-8
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I love KK bars and I def. wish they would produce a wider variety here in the US. I would try them :o)
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