Meiji 'Chelsea' candy - Butter scotch

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I thought I had tried every single 'Chelsea' candy flavor there was in existence, until I was delighted to discover this new butter flavor available at NapaJapan, so I didn't hesitate to try it
chelsea-butterscotch.jpg chelsea-butterscotch2.jpg
What can I say? The guys at Meiji have done it again! Sweet, smooth and creamy texture candy with rich butter taste, it can't get any better than this! These candies were absolutely delectably irresistible!I regret only ordering one pack, I should have ordered 10 packs all in one go! This is how great these candies are!
Meiji can do no wrong with their 'Chelsea' scotch candies (except maybe the yogurt scotch, then again it depends on personal preference), and I have loved just about every Chelsea candy flavor I have tried! But I think it's safe for me to declare that these butter scotch candies are definitely the BEST of all the Chelsea candies I have tried so far!And maybe even the best candies I have ever tried overall! No, I'm not exaggerating!

Although, I did notice that the taste and texture of these butter scotch candies are strikingly very similar to the German Werther's Original caramel candies, but it was brought to my attention that these Chelsea butter scotch candies are often regarded as a "deluxe version" of Werther's Original. And I certainly agree to that, it may have a similar taste and texture to Werther's Original...only it's even better!

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