'Fran' chocolate sticks - White chocolate

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Today I will blog about Fran's original White biscuit stick:
fran-white.jpg fran-white2.jpg
a popular original flavor of Fran, one of the basic flavors. Firstly the biscuit sticks were baked with added cocoa powder into the mix, hence the sticks had a darker colour to the regular Fran sticks. Typically with Fran snacks, the coating has 2 layers; usually the first layer is cream covering 80% of the sticks, then the substantial layer of chocolate over the layer of cream. But I suspect for this particular White Fran, Meiji (manufacturer of Fran) skipped the cream and did a double-coating of the white choc instead. Because of this thick double-coating effect, it brings out a richer, more substantial sweet flavor of the white choc coating.

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