Pocky - Caramel (Special limited edition)!

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I ordered this @ NapaJapan a while back, it's a special VERY limited edition of caramel Pocky...this particular edition was available for only a very short time in Japan in 2010. Glico (the manufacturer of the famous Pocky snacks) had randomly placed original Hello Kitty charms inside 6000 packs of this special limited edition Caramel Pocky (one charm per pack) for FREE, so each buyer had a chance to win one of the 6000 charms that were hidden randomly inside these packs.
It's no secret that I love Pocky, and I really like Hello Kitty as well, so when I saw this limited edition pack @ NapaJapan, it was too good a chance to pass!
pockyspecial1.jpg pockyspecial2.jpg
each box contained 2 separate packets containing about 15 sticks in each packet, about 30 sticks in total per box! That's ALOT more than how much you normally get in a box of biscuit stick snacks these days...nowadays, Japanese manufacturers of popular biscuit stick snack brands such as Pocky, Fran and Toppo, only pack about 9-12 sticks max in each box. Deluxe flavors typically has lesser amount of the product packed in each box (usually 9-12 sticks)...however some of the very old and original flavors of Pocky snacks do contain more of its product per pack, which gives you more value for money. And this special edition certainly was great value for your money! Each box cost around the same amount as a normal pack of deluxe Pocky flavor, but this special pack contained almost 3 times more Pocky sticks than the normal packs. And not to mention there's also the chance of you winning a FREE Hello Kitty charm (who doesn't love freebies?) But unfortunately for me...I was not one of the lucky ones, the pack I got did not contain one of the charms...oh well, I didn't expect to be that lucky anyway.
The Pocky sticks sure made up for my little bit of disappointment, Pocky never fails! As usual, those biscuit sticks were lovely crunchy and crispy, and the caramel chocolate coating on each stick was so melting in your mouth with a pleasant amount of caramel sweetness.

My rating (overall):

Unfortunately due to the very limited availability of this special edition, it is no longer available for purchase.

I ordered mine at Napajapan too! It's so yummy! :D but i didn't get the charm either...I wanted to order another pack, but it's out of stock now :(
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