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It was cloudy, raining heavily and windy today in Sydney, I initially planned on going to one of my weekly shopping trips to the city today...despite the depressing weather. But needless to say, I didn't spend much time wandering around the shops today. I left the house at exactly 12pm noon and it was only lightly drizzling outside at the time...but once I arrived at Central station, suddenly it rained cats and dogs! The continuous flow of rainwater was starting to overwhelm the roads, with big puddles of water building up around the areas with traffic one point I accidentally stepped right in the middle of a big puddle of water, my shoes and feet were all soaked as a result!
Many people nearby were clinging onto their umbrellas as they raced to the nearby buildings and complexes to take shelter from the heavy rain, or running to the train station to catch a train home. Upon witnessing the weather today, I finally decided to cut the trip short this time, even when I was armed with my umbrella, I didn't feel like going shopping in the rain. So I decided to head to one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in the city for lunch.
I decided on On Ramen today, since it's located the closest to the train station...I ordered the Miso Ramen for $8.80 and a serve of Takoyaki for a extra $4.80 (I was feeling really hungry):
the Miso Ramen first:
toppings contained strips of pork, whole black sesame seeds, nori seaweed, some spring onions and a half-cut egg. The broth was made from ramen stock, very flavorsome and hearty, and the chukasoba noodles were cooked to perfection; not too hard, they were semi-soft and chewy. The added toppings blended very well with the broth and noodles, the flavors did not clash, and the egg was cooked just right. My only complaint about this dish was the meat...there were about 3 decent sized strips of pork in the bowl, however, much of the cuts of meat were of all the fat on the meat, and there were very little of the nutritional meat itself. So that was a disappointment to me...I hate the fats from meats so I ate the very tiny portions of actual meat there were and left all the remaining strips of fat in the bowl. So I will take some points off for the disappointing meat:
My rating (overall):

Takoyaki is one of my all-time favorite Japanese foods, they're great as a appetizer or a side dish, and Takoyaki from On Ramen is always a popular dish on order.
the Takoyaki balls were quite decent sized, the outside fried layer of the batter was soft and crispy and the inside batter was light and fluffy, with some decent chunks of octopus filling inside.
Of course, in order to be able to experience the best taste of Takoyaki, you must travel to Japan. However, there's no doubt that there are still some really good renditions of this popular Japanese dish from other Japanese chefs that you can find outside Japan, and I think Takoyaki from On Ramen is a good enough replica.
My rating (overall):

On Ramen is fantastic, it's a decent sized Japanese restaurant just located outside Chinatown and only a few minutes walk from Central train station. The food there is great, good value, the staff are friendly, the waitresses are very one stage one of the young Japanese waitresses walked over to my table and complimented my keitai (Japanese phone)! I was quite surprised that she had spoken almost perfect English complete with the Australian accent, my guess is she was probably born or grew up here in Australia. She didn't specifically walk over to compliment my keitai though, she was on her way to the kitchen carrying a tray of finished ramen and utensils from the table behind mine, and just so happened to notice my keitai on my table. Still, I thought it was nice of her to give a compliment to a customer amid all her duties.
The pay system at On Ramen is the typical eat before you pay, which I personally prefer...and the waitresses will always give each customer a glass of cold water once they are seated at their table, regardless of whether the customer had requested the water or not.

Overall, I definitely recommend On Ramen to any person who likes Japanese food & cuisine.

Here's the address for On Ramen restaurant:
Shop 4, 181-187 Hay ST, Haymarket
Sydney, New South Wales 2000

I love On Ramen too! :D I usually eat there when I hang out with friends at chinatown :) there's also a few other good japanese restaurants I love going to but On Ramen is definitely 1 of my fave places :)
2011.04.16 22:06 | URL | Crystal #- [edit]
Glad to see you;re finally back. I was beginning to wonder why you haven't updated for so long.
2011.04.17 09:42 | URL | Clara #- [edit]

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