ALDI supermarket - 'Dairy Fine' assorted chocolates!

Posted by Linda on 05. 2015 0 comments
Hi again everyone, I'm back with more new snack reviews! Today I will review 2 more great snack products from ALDI discount supermarket

I picked up these 100g packs of Dairy Fine milk chocolate block varieties at my local ALDI supermarket yesterday, 'Dairy Fine' is another private brand of ALDI's, it's the brand they use to market some of their chocolate snacks varieties. As labeled on the packaging, these Dairy Fine chocolate blocks only cost $1 each! That's insanely cheap! I couldn't resist to buy a packet of every flavour variety on the shelf! There's quite a good selection of these chocolates available, I think I bought about 7 different varieties in total, but I'll only be reviewing 2 flavour varieties today, and I'll review the others next time. These are the strawberry and peppermint flavours with milk chocolate:



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