new Sailor Moon Crystal tortilla chips!

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To coincide with the release of the new Sailor Moon reboot anime titled Sailor Moon Crystal that was made to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of this famous manga/anime franchise last year, there has been ALOT of new official SM merchandise of all sorts being released since as early as late 2013, and more merchandise are still being released now and in the coming months! Among the now countless number of new SM merchandise are numerous different food products, including different types of sweets & confectionery, and even these packets of Sailor Moon Crystal tortilla chips, which I will be reviewing today

These new tortilla chips are produced by Japanese snack company Koikeya and were just recently released earlier this month. There are 3 different flavours available and each flavour comes in 6 different packagings, each packaging with a different Sailor Senshi on them, all 5 of the inner Senshis are available as well as Tuxedo Mask. I bought all 3 flavours of these tortilla chips online at, the packagings were selected randomly so I didn't know which Senshis I was getting until I received them, apparently I got Sailor Mercury (she's my favorite!), Mars and Venus

Since there are 3 different flavours I will review them separately, I'll start with this Bagnacauda anchovy & garlic flavour that has Sailor Mars on the packaging:

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