Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini chocolate biscuits

Posted by Linda on 22. 2013 0 comments
Here's my 4th review about Bourbon's 'Petit' series snacks, I have to admit that lately I've become OBSESSED with these little treats! They're convenient, affordable and most importantly, they're really yummy!
Today I will be reviewing this pack of mini chocolate biscuits/cookies from the 'Petit' series, apparently it's 1 of the classic favourites from the series, so of course I was urged to give it a try, especially since Bourbon's 'Petit' series is 1 of my favourite snack brands!

Kit Kat - Yubari Melon

Posted by Linda on 17. 2013 0 comments
I was quickly scanning through my blog yesterday and noticed that the last time I had ever posted a review about Kit Kats was back in August of last year! So I thought it's about time I post another review about these irresistibly delectable chocolate treats! and considering I had created a separate category specifically for Kit Kats, it's quite obvious that KKs are one of my favourite snack brands! and yes, this will again be another KK release from Japan

Japanese Yubari melons have long been a popular delicacy in Japan, they're basically Rockmelons (or known as Cantaloupe in the US), but Yubari melons are a very high-end type and far superior in quality and taste to a typical rockmelon, hence they are very expensive. In Japan, because of their superior quality in product & expensive price tags, Yubari melons are often given as expensive souvenirs. Just one Yubari melon typically costs around JP¥6,000 to JP¥15,000; this is the equivalent of around US$77 to US$192 each! Sometimes a Yubari melon can fetch to even higher prices, in 2008, 2 Yubari melons fetched up to JP¥2.5 million together at a auction in Japan!
I did some research and learnt that these Yubari melons are named after its cultivator Yubari King located in a town called 'Yubari' in the northern japanese island of Hokkaido.

I personally had the privilege of tasting one of these little expensive beauties during my last trip to Japan and I have to say, I was amazed by its quality would be an understatement! I was completely blown away! The melon was so perfectly round in shape, the flesh was rich in bright orange color, and so juicy, sweet and succulent! It was an amazing experience I will never forget in my life! So I was shocked when my friend in Japan sent me this Yubari melon flavoured Kit Kat she had bought in Japan! It was a special edition regional flavour from Hokkaido and was only available on the market for a very limited time:

Sangaria 'Hajikete' - Cider drink

Posted by Linda on 08. 2013 1 comments
I can't believe that the last time I had posted a review about a drink or beverage was back in January of 2011! That's almost 2 years & 10 months ago! So I decided it's finally time to post another drink review, and this will be the first time EVER for me to review about a beverage from a Japanese company. Obviously being someone who has such a crazy obsession with Japanese snacks and food, it's ironic that I don't drink much Japanese beverages in comparison. But that's not because I don't like drinks & beverages produced by Japanese companies, in fact, I love Matcha (Japanese powdered green tea) and Ramune (a popular Japanese soft drink), and various modern drinks & ice teas produced by famous Japanese brewery companies like KIRIN and Suntory. I guess I'm just not as interested in drinks as I am with food and sweets, and that includes all drinks, Japanese or not.

Anyway, today the drink I will be reviewing is a cider drink produced by Japanese brewing company Sangaria, this cider is part of their 'Hajikete' range of soft drinks, in Japanese "Hajikete" literally means to "burst open":

I got this drink from my last shopping trip to Maruyu about 3 weeks ago, but I didn't buy it, it was actually given to me as a FREE gift! Maruyu often has special promotions in which they give you a FREE gift if you spend a certain amount of money. On that particular day I went shopping, they had a promotion on in which they gave you a can of this cider for free if you spend $20 or more in 1 transaction. Whenever I shop at Maruyu I typically spend about $20-$30, but often I can spend over $40 there too (that includes their ¥100/$2.50 shop upstairs), so I would usually receive the freebies whenever they have some kind of special promotion on!
Well onto the review, the drink was like soda, fizzy and sweet with a mild fruity flavor, it was very refreshing and a great drink to quench your thirst during the warmer seasons. There's really not very much to comment on the drink, overall it was a very refreshing and tasty drink.

My rating (overall):
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Royal Family - Peanut and Taro mochi

Posted by Linda on 03. 2013 0 comments
Since I had been too busy and only posted 1 food review last month, I decided to post 2 food reviews today to make up for the lack of recent updates.

Today I will be reviewing some pre-made packed Japanese Mochis I bought from Maruyu supermarket about 3 weeks ago, however they were not made in Japan, they were actually manufactured by a Taiwanese company called Royal Family. I have bought pre-made mochis from this company before and had even reviewed about their matcha mochi back in 2010. In my opinion, they make some of the best packed Japanese mochis and since I am familiar with this company, I did not hesitate to buy 2 packets of their peanut and taro mochis at Maruyu.

I will start with the Taro mochis:



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