Caramel Corn - Peach corn puffs

Posted by Linda on 29. 2013 0 comments
Another food review for these delectable 'Caramel Corn' puff snacks, this time I will be reviewing this Peach flavour, it was a actually a special edition released on Hinamatsuri, also known as 'Girl's Day' or 'Doll's day'; a festival that is celebrated annually in Japan on March 3rd. I can't remember which year specifically that this Hinamatsuri edition peach flavour was released, but I think it might've been earlier this year or last year at the earliest.

Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini potato chips

Posted by Linda on 13. 2013 0 comments
I love the 'Petit' series brand of yummy mini treats from popular Japanese snack manufacturer Bourbon, basically they are a range of yummy classic snacks & treats (mostly cookies/biscuits) made into small bite-size pieces, there are currently 24 different types of mini treats in the 'Petit' series range, and still growing. The 'Petit' series is 1 of Bourbon's trademark brands and it's very popular in Japan because of their convenience, the little snacks are conveniently packaged and they're great for sharing with friends or just to keep them for yourself, not to mention they're really yummy too! I always buy a whole bunch of these mini snacks from the Petit series whenever I am in Japan, but they are surprisingly difficult to find online. So I was over the moon when I discovered a whole section on the top shelf in the snack aisle at Maruyu dedicated to Bourbon's Petit series snacks! I saw 7 or 8 different types of treats from the Petit series on the shelf, since I love them so much I didn't hesitate to grab a pack of every type available and threw them into my shopping basket!
Today I will review about 1 of my favourite types of treats from the series; mini potato chips!

Caramel Corn - Vanilla Ice cream corn puffs

Posted by Linda on 08. 2013 0 comments
Alright, here's my second food review on another snack I bought at Maruyu, for today I decided to review another flavour of 'Caramel Corn'; these delectable corn puff snacks from Tohato, one of my personal favourite snack brands!

I was ecstatic when I discovered a whole section of Caramel Corn snacks on 1 side of the snack aisle at Maruyu, so I wasted no time and grabbed a few packs of Caramel Corn and threw them into my shopping basket! I wanted to buy the other flavours of CC that I didn't get, but I didn't want to spend too much money on CC since there were alot of other snacks I bought. So I plan to buy the other flavours the next time I go to Maruyu.

I bought 3 packs of CC that day, all different flavors, this is the Vanilla ice cream flavour:

Kido - Blueberry & Custard cream daifuku

Posted by Linda on 04. 2013 0 comments
Last time I did promise to review some of the Japanese snacks I had bought at Maruyu last week, so true to my word, here is my first food review in 7 months! for today's food review I chose this pack of blueberry & custard cream Daifuku (japanese rice cake) manufactured by Kido:

I love Japanese-style sweets & Wagashi such as Daifuku and Dango (japanese sweet dumplings on skewers), and Maruyu sells a range of different flavours of daifuku from Kido. But on the day I went to Maruyu, this blueberry & custard cream double pack was the only type on sale that day because it was nearing its 'best before' date. And since I had never tried any product from this particular manufacturer before, I decided to play safe and bought this cheaper pack.

Since there's 2 different flavours in this pack of daifuku, I will review both flavours separately.



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