Caramel Corn - Matcha & Black honey corn puffs

Posted by Linda on 24. 2012 0 comments
I found this matcha & black honey flavored 'Caramel Corn' at Tokyomart during my last shopping trip there, and since Caramel Corn is one of my favorite snacks, of course I was keen to grab a pack of this, also because this was 1 of the few flavors of CC that I had not tried before:

Glico 'Pretz' pretzel sticks - Rich sesame

Posted by Linda on 19. 2012 0 comments
Sorry guys, this will only be a very short & brief review because I am in a bit of a hurry right now to get to a dance rehearsal.

It's been about 5 months since I last reviewed about 1 of my favorite snacks; these yummy 'Pretz' pretzel sticks from Glico, so I thought it's about time to delve into this delectable stick snack again, and this time I went with a rich sesame flavor:

this flavor certainly lived up to its name, these crunchy pretzel sticks were loaded with rich toasted sesame flavor, although there were no whole sesame seeds covering the sticks, but that's ok because all the flavor was infused into the pretzel sticks themselves.
Overall these were lip-smackingly delectable you'd crave for more, I certainly did and was kicking myself for not buying more of these during my last shopping trip to Tokyomart. 1 thing for sure is that I will definitely be getting more boxes of these rich sesame Pretz the next time I go to Tokyomart!

My rating (overall):

that's it for me today, sorry for the short review, I promise I'll post a longer review next time! But right now I really need to go or I'd be late for the rehearsal!

Takoyaki puff snack

Posted by Linda on 04. 2012 0 comments
I saw this Takoyaki puff snack from Fritolay Japan in NapaJapan's catalog and didn't hesitate to order it as I love takoyaki:
I was pleasantly surprised by how big these takoyaki puff snacks were since I was expecting them to be a lot smaller in size than they really were. They also had a nice soft crunch to them and literally melty in my mouth. The seasonings were substantial too, the puffs were seasoned with a mixture of Takoyaki sauce seasoning and aonori (green seaweed) flakes, giving the puffs a substantial amount of flavor and aroma that I was able to smell as soon as I had opened the packet. The balance of the takoyaki puffs and the seasonings complemented each other really well.
Overall this was a tasty snack, very flavorsome and the puffs were soft in texture and melty in my mouth, the seasonings were as close as you could get to the actual taste of takoyaki, of course it will never be quite the same as an actual takoyaki.
However, I think Fritolay Japan's Corn Potage snack from their 'Gourmet Cheetos' range is still superior though.

My rating (overall):



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