'Copan' rusk snacks - Salad

Posted by Linda on 30. 2012 0 comments
I'm back with a new review for these delectable crunchy little rusk toast snacks called 'Copan' from Meiji! The last Copan review I posted was almost 5 months ago, so I thought I better post another one today before I "unconsciously" decide to neglect Copan altogether!

this is the salad flavor:

'Cheeza' cheese crackers - Cheddar

Posted by Linda on 24. 2012 0 comments
I really like these 'Cheeza' cheese cracker snacks from Glico, they are full of cheese flavor & great to munch on with any beverage or just by themselves.

this is the cheddar cheese flavor:

the crackers were thin and crispy and loaded with rich cheddar flavor, which is expected considering each cracker contains 52% cheddar!
Forget about those other commercial cracker snacks that claim to be "cheese" crackers, most of them only contain around 20% cheese or less and most of that cheese flavor comes from the seasoning. But with Glico's Cheeza cheese crackers, there is hardly any seasoning, instead they infuse REAL cheese content into the crackers themselves, hence each cracker is so rich in NATURAL cheese flavor. These cheddar Cheeza crackers are no different, crispy and crunchy thin crackers loaded with substantial amount of cheddar content and flavor, lip-smackingly addictive!

My rating (overall):

Although to me honest, I wish Glico would pack these Cheeza crackers in bigger packets with more quantity, because 42g is really not enough, at least for me!

Kit Kat - Edamame Zunda

Posted by Linda on 21. 2012 0 comments
I ordered this Japanese Kit Kat in 'Edamame Zunda' flavor from NapaJapan, before I get into the review, here's a little info about Edamame Zunda.
Zunda is a type of Wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets often served with tea) and is basically a sort of Mochi, edamame Zunda is mochi covered in a sweetened paste made from edamame (immature soybeans in pod), hence it has that beautiful light green colour.
Edamame Zunda can often be called as simply 'Zunda mochi', the Zunda has its origins stemmed from Sendai prefecture (the worst affected area of the march 2011 Tohoku earthquake & tsunami disaster).

I have to point out though, I have never tasted edamame Zunda before, so I went into this tasting virtually completely oblivious about the actual taste of edamame Zunda. But at least I knew what edamame Zunda is made of, mochi typically has a very mild and lite flavor with a very weak hint of sweetness, and considering the edamame paste is basically made of sweetened immature soybeans while they're still in their pods, it has to have some degree of soybeans flavor, right? At least, that's what I thought. However I knew that the overall flavor would probably be mostly sweet with at least a hint of soybeans taste, so I took this as a reference into this tasting:

Meiji Strawberry chocolate

Posted by Linda on 16. 2012 0 comments
I also bought this block of strawberry chocolate manufactured by Meiji at Tokyomart:
meiji-strawberry1.jpg meiji-strawberry2.jpg
smooth rich milk choc covered a thin layer of strawberry cream, the strawberry cream in the center was sweet but not dominant, there were also some tiny bits of REAL freeze-dry strawberry embedded in the cream, to help infuse some natural flavor of strawberries into the cream, which I thought was a neat touch...otherwise the cream would've simply tasted like artificial flavoring. But the milk choc coating still dominated over the strawberry cream, which was rather unfortunate because the strawberry flavor should've been the star of the show.
Overall, this was a nice confection from the manufacturer, I like the fact that the makers at Meiji also incorporated some freeze-dry stawberry bits into the cream, it really gave the cream some natural strawberry flavor. But the overall flavor of strawberry just wasn't enough. And the whole chocolate bar was packaged just a little bit too little, I would've liked more quantity of it for my money's worth.
Will I buy it again? Maybe.

My rating (overall):

Glico - 'Monaka Caplico' aerated chocolate

Posted by Linda on 13. 2012 0 comments
I first saw this new 'Monaka Caplico' confection from Glico featured on the company's official site a few months ago and I'd been eager to try it out since then, I got so excited when I saw them on special at Tokyomart.
The Monaka Caplico is still a relatively new release, it's a spin-off product derived from the company's popular 'Caplico' aerated chocolate cone confection. Ever since my first delightful experience with the strawberry flavor Giant Caplico almost 2 years ago, I've been quite hooked on this oishii aerated chocolate confection so my excitement over a new spin-off product is inevitable.
Because I hadn't tried this new Monaka Caplico confection prior to my last Tokyomart shopping trip, I only bought 1 pack of it...which I live to regret it now because it was so good I couldn't stop craving for it!

LOOK chocolate - Baskin Robbins assortment (4 flavors)

Posted by Linda on 08. 2012 0 comments
I also bought this from Tokyomart during my last shopping trip there, I think this was a special release edition of Fujiya's popular 'LOOK' chocolates, it contains an assortment of 4 different flavors inspired by Baskin Robbins ice cream, there's regular vanilla & chocolate, strawberry cheesecake and matcha ice cream flavors:
look-baskinrobbins.jpg look-baskinrobbins2.jpg
because there's 4 different flavors, I will review each flavor separately...

Pocky - Salty

Posted by Linda on 01. 2012 0 comments
I was so excited to see these boxes of Salty Pocky along the snack aisle in Tokyomart and I knew I just had to grab a couple boxes of them!

pocky-salty.jpg pocky-salty2.jpg



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