Meiji 'Apollo' chocolate - Strawberry

Posted by Linda on 26. 2012 0 comments
I bought this small box of 'Apollo' chocolate from Meiji in original strawberry flavor at Tokyomart during my last trip there. I've read many reviews about these Apollo chocolates over the years and have seen plenty of images, so I thought it's about time I enlightened my curiosity about these little sweets.

the concept of these Apollo chocolates are really basic; a cone-shaped confectionery with 2 layers of different types of chocolate. In this case, the first layer was milk chocolate topped with the second layer of sweet pink strawberry chocolate. The sweetness of the 2 chocolate flavors complemented each other well and created a rich choc blend.
There's really not much to comment on these Apollo chocolates, they may look fancy but they're rather simple in concept & execution.
Overall these little chocs make good sweet treats to munch on anytime of the day and would satisfy anyone's sweet cravings, however there's really nothing particularly special about them in my opinion.

My rating (overall):

Woolworths Caramel mud cake

Posted by Linda on 20. 2012 0 comments
Here's another cake bought from the Woolworths supermarket, I was feeling a little down the other day so my mum bought this caramel mud cake from the supermarket to cheer me up during her last grocery trip.

I had the cake chilled in the fridge for a couple of hours prior so the icing & the texture of the cake had harden when I took it out, and as you can see in the first photo above, the icing was a little wet on the surface while it was thawing though, but I didn't care much about that.
The caramel icing/frosting was thick and enriched with sweet caramel, and there was more sweet caramel flavor infused into the cake itself. The cake wasn't particularly moist, but at least the texture was not as dry as the chocolate block cake that I had bought for my mum's birthday last month which was also made by the same supermarket. So at least this was an improvement in the execution of their cakes. However, the star of the show for me is once again the icing, which is like a double-edge sword in cake reviews, like I mentioned before, when it comes to cakes, the cake itself should be the star of the show, not the icing. I mean, you wouldn't buy a cake just for the icing, and when you have a smashingly great cake, often there's no need for the icing. So of course the cake should be the star of the show that carries the cake through. Although I will admit that the texture of this cake was without a doubt better than the chocolate block cake at least, however, the texture still wasn't quite as moist as I would've wanted it to be, but the taste was good though. However like I emphasized before, the caramel icing was undoubtfully the star that completely outshined the cake itself, the icing was just so thick and rich and sweet with beautiful caramel flavor.
Overall this caramel mud cake was good, but not great, the texture of the cake was softer and more moist than the chocolate block cake, but the bakers at Woolworths supermarket still could've improved on it, the caramel icing was really the main star of this cake for me.
I think my mum liked this cake just a bit more than I did.

My rating (overall):

Sakuma drop candies - Kobe pudding & Okonomiyaki

Posted by Linda on 19. 2012 0 comments
I haven't reviewed about these wacky drop candies from Sakuma in a while so today I will be reviewing 2 flavors of these candies, the Okonomiyaki flavor from the city of Osaka, and the pudding flavor from the city of Kobe in Japan.
I ordered both of these with my last order with

Firstly the Pudding flavor from Kobe:

I was excited upon seeing this particular flavor in their catalogue as I love caramel pudding so I knew I just had to try this out, and I wasn't disappointed. Each piece of candy was bursting with sweet goodness with a hint of pudding flavor.
Kobe is famous for its beef dishes, but their pudding is also popular, Kobe pudding has a rather different taste to typical caramel pudding, it tends to be less sweet because a bit of liquor is often added to the caramel sauce, so it's sometimes not suitable for kids, but rather for adults. However, the taste of liquor was nonexistent in these candies or perhaps it was never added to begin with, probably because the makers at Sakuma want these candies to be kids-friendly.
Overall these Kobe pudding drop candies were packed with good sweetness, a little less accurate in the flavoring, but nonetheless, candies are suppose to be sweet and these were no doubt lovely & sweet.

My rating (overall):

Pretz biscuit sticks - Sudachi

Posted by Linda on 11. 2012 2 comments
I love my 'Pretz' biscuit stick snacks & it has been a while since I last reviewed about it so today's review is going to be about another Pretz flavor, which, in my opinion, was surprisingly yummy.

This is the Sudachi flavored Pretz:
pretz-sudachi.jpg pretz-sudachi2.jpg
Sudachi is a type of Japanese citrus that can only be found in Japan, it is virtually identical in appearance, taste and use to the common lime, only it has a zestier flavor & aroma to lime and lemons. I have never tasted Sudachi before, but I have been told that like lime, Sudachi is very sour and acidic and is commonly used as a garnish on many popular japanese dishes.
Knowing what kind of taste Sudachi has, frankly I was originally quite apprehensive about this particular sudachi Pretz, as I was a little worried about the sudachi flavor being too strong and sour and I wasn't sure how well the taste would blend together with the biscuit sticks.

Marukyo Dorayaki (6 pcs)

Posted by Linda on 06. 2012 0 comments 0 trackback
Ok, now that I've cleared all the Pocky collaborative releases with Mart out of the way, let's move on to a different brand snack.

During my latest shopping errand at my local asian grocery yesterday, I picked up this pack of dorayaki made by Marukyo, the same company that produced the Shirakiku Marukyo Funwariyaki I reviewed about back in February.
Unlike the Funwariyaki, these are truly Dorayaki, I made sure I read the label!

Pocky x Mart 'Sweets' deluxe - Fromage biscuit sticks

Posted by Linda on 02. 2012 0 comments 0 trackback
Here's the last collaborative Pocky flavor with Mart, which is also a deluxe Sweets release but inspired by the rich taste of Fromage:

Firstly, just a little introduction to Fromage frais for those who don't know what it is. Fromage frais is a type of rich creamy cheese that has the same consistency as cream cheese but has less calories and less cholesterol, it itself can be served as a dessert, but can also be used to make sweets & desserts.
Secondly here's my opinion on this particular Pocky, the Fromage white chocolate coating of the biscuit sticks was thick and creamy and had a decent amount of the rich Fromage flavor infused into the choc. The sweetness of the white choc just cuts back the cheesy flavor of the Fromage, but there was still enough of the lovely fromage flavor in the choc, you could just taste it. The coupling of the sweetness of the white choc and the cheesiness of the Fromage was very well balanced, neither dominated the other, both flavors complemented each other very well. And there were more rich fromage white choc swirls on top decorating each light crunchy biscuit stick. Each stick was very substantial and yes, very deluxe
I think I love this even more than the deluxe strawberry flavor!

My rating (overall):



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