Pocky x Mart 'Sweets' deluxe - Strawberry biscuit sticks

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here's another PockyxMart collaborative deluxe release 'Sweets Pocky' with strawberry flavor:

with thick strawberry white chocolate coating 80% of each stick, and more sweet white choc swirls to decorate, these were just as delectable as all the other yummy PockyxMart flavors!
I was also able to taste that rich strong sweetness of REAL strawberries in the pink strawberry chocolate coating, this is due to the tiny bits of REAL freeze dry strawberry infused into the choc coating. There may have been more real strawberries incorporated into the chocolate coating because the flavor of the strawberry was particularly strong, and it's not the artificial kind. The choc coating possessed that rich natural flavor & aroma of real strawberries, that artificial flavors tend to lack. So this is definitely a big plus for me, and the white chocolate decorative swirls blended really well with the richness of the strawberry choc coating.

Without a doubt, this has been added to my ever-growing list of favorite Pocky flavors!

My rating (overall):

Pocky x Mart - Deluxe Custard+Orange

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Here's another one of the 4 new collaborative flavors of Pocky released with Mart magazine; deluxe Custard+Orange:

combining the sweet custard flavored white chocolate coating with the orange-infused milk choc decorative swirls, these were irresistibly detectable also Like always, the biscuit sticks are pleasantly crunchy and crispy, and just like the PockyxMart Deluxe White+Milk chocolate flavor, the choc coating on these biscuit sticks were very substantial too; thick, melt in your mouth and the white choc was very rich. However, I felt the custard flavor in the white choc coating was just a little too subtle for my taste, it was barely detectable, so I would've preferred to have a little more custard infused into the white choc coating. But the amount of orange favor that was incorporated into the sweet brown milk choc swirls was just right for me; it wasn't too strong nor did it overpower the chocolate, but you can definitely still taste the generous amount of citric orange flavor.

Overall, these were equally irresistibly delectable to the deluxe white & milk choc flavorhowever the very subtle custard flavor in the white choc coating was just a teeny tiny little bit disappointing.

My rating (overall):

Pocky x Mart - Deluxe White+Milk chocolate biscuit sticks

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I can't believe it's been 5 months since I last blogged about my ultimate favorite snack brand; Pocky by the famous japanese manufacturer Glico! It honestly did not feel like it was that long to me, so I was shocked when I checked my last blog entry for Pocky snacks and realized it dates back to December of last year. I felt compelled to blog about Pocky again asap, so, today's food review will be Pocky related.

If you are a avid lover of this popular delectable biscuit stick snack, like me, then you may have noticed that lately the makers at Glico has teamed up with the people at Japanese lifestyle magazine 'Mart', to create 4 new deluxe flavors for Pocky. I personally have tried all 4 of these new Mart collaborative flavors and I just love them all! This deluxe White+Milk chocolate flavor I'll be reviewing today is one of those 4 collaborative flavors:

Woolworths Chocolate block cake

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It was my mother's 51st birthday last Thursday, but no party was organized since my mum is the kind of person who likes things very simple and don't like others making a fuss over her b'day. So this year, it was strictly a very private celebration with just mum and I, the 2 of us. As for the b'day cake, well, to be honest, my mum doesn't particularly like eating cake, so she never buys any of those fancy cakes which are specially for birthdays, so she always settles for the very simple and cheap cakes you can buy at the supermarkets to substitute. So this year, we bought a chocolate block cake from Woolworths (one of the 2 largest supermarket chains in Australia) that was baked by the supermarket's own bakery for just AU$5, very cheap.
My mum actually wanted a chocolate mud cake from Worthworths, the same cake that my mum and I occasionally bought and she really liked, but on the day were went shopping for the cake, which was on the same day as her b'day, all the choc mud cake were sold out. And since there's so very limited selection of cakes available at Woolthworths, we settled for the closest cake to the mud cake available at the time, so we ended up with this choc block cake, which is basically the same to the mud cake, only a few minor differences in shape and the way the cake was frosted.

DSC03058.jpg DSC03060.jpg

Kit Kat - Matcha (renewed) & Strawberry tarte

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It has been a while since I last blogged about Kit Kats, so today I will review 2 more Japanese KKs, both fairly recent releases; the renewed version of the popular Matcha flavor, and the new Strawberry Tarte flavor, both released in late 2011.

Firstly the renewed Matcha flavor:

the thick sweet green matcha chocolate coating the classic crispy wafers, the matcha flavor infused into the white choc coating was so strong and enriching, the sweetness of the white chocolate and the bitterness from the matcha powder used were beautifully balanced in flavor, the amount of matcha powder also gave the choc coating its brilliant green color naturally. There were also layers of more green matcha flavored choc between the wafers, further enhancing the overall richness of the matcha flavor in each bar.
Overall, I can safety say that this is no doubt the best version of this classic favorite flavor of KK from Nestle Japan. It well exceeds its previous matcha versions, which I thought had weaker levels of matcha flavor. I will certainly be getting more of these!

My rating (overall):

now moving onto this new flavor of strawberry tarte...

Country Ma'am chocochip cookies - Mix 3 flavors

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'Country Ma'am' is the name for Fujiya's popular brand of chocochip cookies, I love these 'Country Ma'am' cookies they're so yummy and with so many exciting flavors to choose from and with more new flavors released each year. I'm not too fond of Fujiya and it's certainly not among my favorite Japanese manufacturers, but with that said, their delectable 'Country Ma'am' chocochip cookies are the ultimate excuse for me to keep coming back to this company!
The makers at Fujiya had adapted the American choc chip cookies and added their own little Japanese twist to it. Unlike typical American choc chip cookies which tends to have a consistent texture, these 'Country Ma'am' choco chip cookies have a more complex texture; soft and crumbly on the inside, harder and crunchier on the outside. So if you do plan on giving these Country Ma'am chocochip cookies a go, don't expect these cookies to have the same kind of texture and standards of a typical American choc chip cookie, because they are very different. These Country Ma'am cookies may share the same concept, but their way of execution and baking are different. The 1 mistake I see other foodies tend to make is judging these Country Ma'am cookies based on the standards & texture of the typical American choc chip cookie, that is a big NO in my books! Because these cookies are different to its American counterpart, I believe they should only be judged on the product itself and on their own aspects in terms of texture and flavor, and NOT compared to their American counterpart. Because after all, these are simply the Japanese style of choc chip cookies.

Anyway, today I'm going to review about this box of mix 3 different flavors of Country Ma'am cookies; classic Vanilla, Cocoa and Gianduja, which is a smooth chocolate paste that contains at least 30% hazelnut, while old tradition recipes of Gianduja contains about 50% hazelnuts.



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