Hot dog bun from Nice Bakery

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So it's been a while since I last went over to my local chinese bakery Nice Bakery, so a few days ago, I decided to pop over there and grab some of their yummy buns for lunch. I picked up one of my usual favorites, the crab & cheese bun, and also this hot dog bun for AU$1.40, which seems to have only been added to their range a few months ago.

DSC03046.jpg DSC03049.jpg

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Hokkaido Corn caramels

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here's a lovely goodie I got from NapaJapan, it was part of an order I made with them some months ago.

Anyway, this is a box of corn caramels made in the northern Japanese island Hokkaido using 100% best quality corn grown on the island:
each piece of these Hokkaido corn caramel had a very soft and chewy texture and consistency but were not sticky, unlike typical caramels which are hard and tends to stick to your teeth. I think I have stressed numerous times in the past why I dislike caramel and that I tend to avoid it, the main problem I have with typical caramels is that they stick to your teeth and I hate that. There has only been a few exceptions over the years of caramels I've let slide from this common hatred I have of caramels, mainly because they did not have that irritating sticky texture. And these Hokkaido corn caramels share that same quality with those few exceptions, these caramels were just lovely, really, beautiful soft chewy non-sticky texture and they had a lovely amount of sweet corn flavor, the corn flavor wasn't too strong, but certainly not mild either, just the right amount to please my sensesI was even able to smell the sweet aroma of corn when I first opened the package, before I was even able to savor a piece of this sweet corn goodness
I expected nothing less of the manufacturers in Hokkaido, Hokkaido produce are really some of the best quality foods & sweets you can find in Japan, with that said, they're some of the best in the world too!

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Gourmet Cheetos - Corn Potage snack

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Sorry for not updating for a while, as you all know by now I am one very busy person

Anyway, today I'll be reviewing about this pack of yummy munchies manufactured by Fritolay Japan that I also ordered from
cheetos-cornpottage.jpg cheetos-cornpottage2.jpg
in case anyone here doesn't know, corn potage is basically a very creamy type of corn soup, with varying ingredients to suit the individual.
Part of Fritolay Japan's 'Gourmet' range of Fritolay's popular American cheese puff 'Cheetos' snacks, these decent sized crunchy puff sticks were loaded with strong flavors, seasoned to perfection with such accuracy in flavor in replicating this popular corn soup. Although cheese is the staple seasoning for 'Cheetos' snacks, the lovely flavor of corn from the corn potage seasonings was particularly dominant that the usual cheese flavor was either non-existent or too subtle for my taste buds to detect. Coupled with the soft crunchiness of the sticks, these irresistible lip-smacking munchies will have you wanting for more.
My only regret was only ordering 1 packet of these yummies, if I knew these were going to be this irresistibly tasty, I certainly would've wanted to order more!

My rating (overall):



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