Copan rusk snack - Cacao

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After the huge success of the 'Copan' maple sugar rusk, Meiji has released yet another sweet rusk flavor, this time, capitalizing on the full flavor and benefits of cocoa aka 'cacao':
copan-cocoa.jpg copan-cocoa2.jpg
the smell of sweet cocoa immediately filled my senses as I opened the packet, and the rusks were particularly dark in colour, these factors were an indication that a great amount of cocoa powder was used and that was further proven by the taste. The makers at Meiji infused so much cocoa powder into each piece of crunchy & crispy rusk, the sweetness of cacao was so strong and concentrated, the experience was like you are eating crunchy chocolate, when it's not actually chocolate. They really utilized the taste as well as the health benefits of cacao powder to its fullest potential with these cacao rusks.
And of course these were much sweeter than the maple sugar rusks, due to the much higher concentration of sweetness from the significant amount of cacao powder used.

These sweet cacao rusks has become my new personal favorite among all Copan flavor rusk snackseven though Copan snacks are typically savory...there's really nothing I can fault with these to be honest, Copan never disappoints me!

My rating (overall):

Kit Kat x MOS Burger - White chocolate

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It's been a long while since I last blogged about a Kit Kat snack, so I thought today I should review one.

This new KK flavor I'm going to blog about today is a special release, nothing special about the KK flavor itself, but rather the marketing of the product. Nestle Japan recently collaborated with MOS Burger to create this special white chocolate KK flavor.

Now, before I get into this KK itself, here's just some background info on MOS Burger, in case some readers have never heard of it. MOS Burger is a Japanese fast food chain that was first established in 1972, the 'MOS' in its name stands for "Mountain Ocean Sun".
MOS Burger is famous and currently also has stores in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and just recently a MOS Burger store opened in Brisbane; Australia in April 2011! There used to be one in Hawaii but it closed own in 2005. It seems a store has also recently been opened in S.Korea in late 2011.
According to wikipedia, there were 1327 MOS Burger stores in total in 2005, but the number of stores has increased since then. MOS Burger is currently the second largest fast food franchise in Japan, after McDonald's.
I personally have been to several MOS Burger stores during my trips to Japan, I always love the food and service there, seriously, their burgers are so much better than those from the American chains like McDonald's & KFC. I personally think the food in MOS Burger are tastier, and they come up with some really unusual but interesting burgers, and what's even better about them is that the burgers at MOS Burger tend to be slightly healthier than their American counterparts, because they have more healthier options in their range. I especially love their range of rice burgers
I hope a MOS Burger store will open here in Sydney in the future, now that they have opened one in would be so cool if they open at least one store in every major city in Australia!*fingers crossed*

Anyway now that you know a bit about MOS Burger, now moving on to this KK itself:
MOSwhiteKK.jpg MOSwhiteKK2.jpg

Pretz - Ham & cheese

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I can start rambling on about how great Glico's 'Pretz' biscuit sticks snacks are and how much I love them, but I will refrain from doing so this time, since I have blogged about so many Pretz flavors already over the years, I'm sure I've at least expressed once before about my undying love for this irresistibly lip-smackingly oishii (yummy) biscuit sticksSo yes, no ramblings this time.

By the way, this review with be very short & brief because it's currently almost 3am here in Sydney and I'm very tired & eager to hit the sack...and don't even bother asking me why I've stayed up so late, it's a long story.
I promise I'll type a longer review next time.

Anyway, this is the ham & cheese flavor Pretz I picked up at my local asian grocery during my last shopping trip there the other day:
pretz-hamcheese.jpg pretz-harmcheese2.jpg

Morinaga traditional caramels - Yaki-imo (roasted sweet potato)

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One might find it odd that I dislike caramel and tend to avoid any sweets that contain caramel, and yet I continue to buy these traditional caramels from Morinaga. The main reason for this is because there's just such a array of interesting flavors for these Morinaga caramels and more new flavors released every year, there's matcha flavored caramel, pudding flavor, even coffee caramel, I've also reviewed about the Milk and Azuki flavors.
But another reason is because ever since my first delightful experience with the milk flavor, the unusually soft, creamy and non-sticky texture & consistency of the caramels, I've been hoping, just hoping that I'll be able to experience that same soft and melty texture across the range of Morinaga caramels...unfortunately, all the subsequent flavors I have tried have been rather disappointing, to the point when I was on the verge of sticking to just the milk flavor...but, I haven't given up hope yet.

This is the Yaki-imo (roasted sweet potato) flavor:

Shirakiku Marukyo Funwariyaki - Japanese Azuki bean cake

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I went to my local asian grocery early this morning to buy some groceries and came across this pack of Shirakiku Marukyo Funwariyaki in the snack aisle. Initially I thought these were Dorayaki; a popular Japanese-style cake that consists of 2 small soft cake patties resembling pancakes with various kinds of fillings (usually azuki bean paste) sandwiched between.
These cakes look exactly like Dorayaki, however it states on the package as 'Funwariyaki' This is the first time I have ever heard of 'Funwariyaki' and I have not been able to find any info about it online, so I am not sure whether Funwariyaki is a identical spin-off of Dorayaki, or 'Funwariyaki' is just a novelty name the manufacturer came up with for this product.

Anyway, so this is the original flavor Funwariyaki, there were 5 individually wrapped cakes in each pack:
marukyo-funwariyaki1.jpg marukyo-funwariyaki2.jpg

Morinaga - 'Dars' Bitter and White chocolate

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Sorry guys for the slow updates, I have quite a busy life and don't have a lot of time to update my blogs.

Anyway, today I will review about these yummy 'Dars' chocolates from Morinaga, these 'Dars' chocolates have been in existence for many decades and has enjoyed great popularity in Japan for many years.
During my last trip to Tokyomart, I managed to get my hands on the classic white chocolate Dars, and the fairly new release 'Bitter chocolate' Dars, which is basically dark choc, released in late last year.

firstly, the white Dars chocolate:
dars-white1.jpg dars-white2.jpg



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