Peters 'Icy Pole' ice pop

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Today was quite a hot day here in the inner west part of Sydney, so I decided to pop over to the small corner shop located just in my block to get something to eat to cool off, and bought 2 ice pops (aka popsicles). I've always loved ice pops since I was a kid, it has been my favorite type of confectionery to enjoy during those hot days to cool off (besides ice cream of course!)

This is one of the ice pops I bought at the corner shop called 'Icy Pole' from Peters (a subsidiary of Nestle):
peters-icypole.jpg peters-icypole2.jpg
it's basically frozen lemonade ice pop, one of my favorite classics, frozen lemonade ice pops are also the cheapest type of ice pop you can buy in shops, only $1 each (although they used to be even cheaper in the past...everything seems to have become more expensive in the recent decade).
Of course you can make these ice pops yourself at home, just freeze some lemonade in ice pop trays and you're good to go, saves you money too and you can make as much as you like. Only problem is that I don't have ice pop trays at home (though I might add that to my shopping list the next time I go to the supermarket), and didn't mind spending that $1 on this, and it was so worth it! We all know carbonated soft drinks are even better when they're frozen!

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Sakuma drops candy 'Anago-meshi'

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It's been so many months since I last blogged about these legendary but always fascinating candies from Sakuma, the last Sakuma drops candy I reviewed was the Takoyaki flavor back in March.
If you've followed this blog for a long time, then you might remember I had pointed out before that Sakuma mostly draws their inspiration from various Japanese savory foods and cuisine, although they have released a couple of sweet food-inspired candies too. The number of different flavors for these Sakuma drop candies available are in abundance, and ever so growing with more new flavors added each year.
Here is another one of Sakuma's many savory food-inspired candy; Anago-meshi from Hiroshima prefecture:
sakuma-anagomeshi.jpg sakuma-anagomeshi2.jpg
Hiroshima prefecture located south-west of Honshu (Japan's largest and main island) is the birthplace of the famous Japanese savory pancake dish Okonomiyaki. But it's a lesser known fact that Hiroshima is also famous for another popular dish called Anago-meshi, which is basically broiled conger eel on top of rice. Hiroshima was one of the destinations I was fortunate to visit during a trip I took to Japan about 3 years ago, had several pleasant experiences with this dish while I was in Hiroshima city and since then I've been quite fond of Anago-meshi.

Kit Kat - Caramel & Strawberry cake

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I will review about 2 Japanese Kit Kat flavors today.

Firstly, the Caramel flavor, which was actually a special flavor released by Nestle Japan for Halloween last year...yes, they still produced this particular one for Halloween this year, even though the company developed a new Pumpkin Cheesecake flavor for this year's festivity (sadly I didn't get that one):
kitkat-caramel.jpg kitkat-caramel2.jpg
thick rich milk chocolate coating with sweet caramel chocolate cream sandwiched between the classic wafers. The caramel choc cream contained the right amount of sweetness but the caramel flavor itself was a bit too subtle for me, while the milk chocolate coating was almost over-powering. I would've liked more of the caramel sweetness infused into the choc cream filling. After all, the star flavor of this should be the caramel flavor, not the milk choc coating.

My rating (overall):

Now moving onto the Strawberry cake...

Kit Kat - Cafe Latte

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It's Kit Kat time again! Today I'll be reviewing about this popular Cafe Latte flavor, and yes, it's another KK flavor from Japan
kitkat-cafelatte.jpg kitkat-cafelatte2.jpg
I ordered 2 mini bars of this @ NapaJapan for US$2.49...sweet and creamy coffee flavored beige chocolate coating the crispy classic wafers, with more coffee cream between the wafers. The darker cream filling was infused with a much stronger & richer flavor and aroma of coffee, complementing the much milder choc coating. Together, the flavors blended so well and so accurately, as I savorrf this KK bar, it does feel very much like I was drinking a cup of freshly brewed latte, only it's in choc candy form

I will definitely be getting more of this in the future!

My rating (overall):

Sara Lee - Mini original baked Cheesecake

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Food and snacks from Japan may be one of my ultimate food loves (the other being desserts & sweets)...but there's no doubt that there are still plenty of great non-Japanese sweets & snacks out there which I have a soft spot for too. Some of my favourite non-Japanese sweets and snacks are the famous chocolate biscuit brand 'Tim Tam' by the Australian food company Arnott's, and the 'Cherry Ripe' chocolate bars from Cadbury. And most recently added to my favourite list of non-Japanese sweets & snacks are these fairly new release range of mini frozen baked cheesecake treats from Sara Lee! I bought this box of the mini original baked cheesecake while I went grocery shopping yesterday at Woolworths, these cost $3.15 per box:
saralee-cheesecakemini.jpg saralee-cheesecakemini2.jpg



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