Morinaga traditional caramels - Azuki (red bean)

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These traditional caramels from Morinaga have a VERY long history, they are one of the most recognized and oldest Japanese confectioneries ever produced, its history dates back to 1897 when these traditional caramels were first produced in Japan during the Meiji Restoration! That makes these Morinaga traditional caramels 114 years old! With the Milk caramel being its debut flavor, it wasn't long before these traditional caramels found its way in every shopping basket across Japan. For many generations, Morinaga's famous traditional caramels have been a very popular family treat, in recent years, you'll find an array of different caramel flavors.

After my delightful first experience with the Milk caramel flavor, I was eager to dig into a new flavor, so for my second try of these famous caramels, I picked the azuki (red bean) caramel with much excitement.



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here's a cute machine slot game from Morinaga! If you get 3 of a kind on the slot machine, you get a "delicious" treat ^_^