Dinner @ Kura restaurant

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There are a couple of popular Japanese restaurants in Sydney I love to go to regularly, and Kura Japanese restaurant is definitely one of them! As far as I know, Kura is a Japanese restaurant chain with numerous restaurants across Sydney (there might be some in other cities in Australia too).
I don't know the address of other Kura restaurants, but the one I always go to is located just opposite of Market City and right outside Chinatown, this tiny casual Japanese eatery is a gem, with great food and at reasonable prices and good friendly service.

Last week while on my weekly shopping trip to the city CBD with a couple of my close friends, we stopped by at Kura for dinner, it's a popular eatery with my friends too.

Kit Kat - Purple sweet potato

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Sorry that I haven't been updating this blog for almost a month, I've been very busy and went on a bit of a hiatus. I suppose I should have posted a notice to you guys before I left, ne? Once again, sorry for not letting you guys know that I had to take some time away from updating.
Anyway, I'm back now so hopefully I can update more regularly from now on.
And what better way to revive this blog than going back to one of my all-time favorite sweets; Kit Kat!And yes, it's another review on a Japanese KK flavor (most of my KK reviews are of Japanese KK anyway).

Roasted purple sweet potato is a popular light snack in Japan, and any purple sweet potato confectionery is always a sure hit, and it certainly is the case with this purple sweet potato KK!
kitkat-sweetpotato.jpg kitkat-sweetpotato2.jpg kitkat-sweetpotato3.jpg



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