'Fran' chocolate sticks - White chocolate

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Today I will blog about Fran's original White biscuit stick:
fran-white.jpg fran-white2.jpg
a popular original flavor of Fran, one of the basic flavors. Firstly the biscuit sticks were baked with added cocoa powder into the mix, hence the sticks had a darker colour to the regular Fran sticks. Typically with Fran snacks, the coating has 2 layers; usually the first layer is cream covering 80% of the sticks, then the substantial layer of chocolate over the layer of cream. But I suspect for this particular White Fran, Meiji (manufacturer of Fran) skipped the cream and did a double-coating of the white choc instead. Because of this thick double-coating effect, it brings out a richer, more substantial sweet flavor of the white choc coating.

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'LOOK' chocolates - Triple choc (18 pieces)

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I'm in a bit of a hurry now, so this will be a very short & brief review.

This was a special release of popular LOOK chocolate from Fujiya that first came out on the market last year:
look-18piece.jpg look-18piece2.jpg
each pack contained 18 pieces of LOOK chocolate (more than usual) and there were 3 different fillings for you to enjoy; 6 pieces each of ganache, truffle cream and choc mousse. Each piece of choc was so rich and creamy they melt in your mouth...the fillings were quite accurate as well, for me, it's a improvement from their Parfait A La Mode.
However, these LOOK choc pieces were smaller than the usual sized LOOK chocs, perhaps that's why they gave us 18 pieces.

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Pocky - Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry (slim)

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It's 'Pocky' time again! The legendary biscuit stick snack from Glico, and my personal fave snack!Today I'll be reviewing about this very popular "Tsubu Tsubu strawberry" flavor:
pocky-tsubutsubu.jpg pocky-tsubutsubu2.jpg
this hugely popular Pocky flavor was renewed for a 2010 winter release in Japan...unlike most other Pocky flavors, this one comes in a slim box containing 3 packs in each box, there's a total of 21 sticks in each box; much more than usual...then again, it could be because this is a slimmer version of the regular Pocky sticks.
"Tsubu" means 'grind' or 'grains' in Japanese, indeed, each of these Pocky sticks contained 28% more REAL strawberry freeze dried bits embedded in their strawberry chocolate coating. Enhancing the sweetness of the strawberry even more, the strawberry bits also gives this pocky a more 'authentic' taste, and not the usual artificial flavors that confectionery manufacturers tend to market in their products.

Bottom line is, do I recommend this Tsubu Tsubu strawberry Pocky? Hell YES! Definitely grab a box of these! I would grab 5 boxes of these at once!

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'Jagariko' potato sticks - Cheese

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This is my second experience with the 'Jagariko' brand from Calbee, my first try was the Salad flavor. Despite the too overly cooked potato sticks for my palette, I still thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with this particular brand, so I decided to have seconds, this is the cheese flavor:
jagariko-cheese.jpg jagariko-cheese2.jpg
I remembered from my first experience with the salad flavor, how amazingly crunchy & crispy the potato sticks were (because of the extent of the frying), and I'm pleased to be satisfied again and the seasonings were very accurate. I was even more thrilled when I noticed that there were also REAL cheese bits embedded in each stick, enhancing the overall flavor of cheese even more.
I've become accustomed to Calbee's over-frying of their Jagariko potato stick snacks, if it means I get to enjoy the beautiful crunchiness and crispiness of these potato sticks every time and the pleasantness of the seasonings.
I'm still quite disappointed by the relatively small size of the package and the shortness of these potato sticks...at US$2.99 for a small container of these, I would want more for my money.

My rating (overall):



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