Morinaga traditional caramels - Milk

Posted by Linda on 27. 2011 1 comments 0 trackback
These traditional caramels from Morinaga have been a popular sweet treat in Japan for many decades, and the old-fashioned looking packaging has had very little changes over the years. Today I will blog about the original milk caramel flavor:
morinagacaramel-milk.jpg morinagacaramel-milk2.jpg
each piece of these caramels were surprisingly soft & chewy and creamy with a rich flavor of milk. They have a very different texture to regular caramels that are hard & sticky. The coupling of the sweetness of the soft caramel and the creamy milk content is a match made in heaven really!
Overall, I definitely recommend these Morinaga caramels! Even if you are someone like me who usually doesn't like caramel, even I was won over by these!
There are numerous other flavors for Morinaga caramels available, there's also the chocolate flavor, the Azuki flavor and the Matcha flavor, and more! I think I'll try the Matcha flavor next time!

My rating (overall):

you can order these Morinaga traditional caramels @ NapaJapan:

'Sakuma' drop candy - Takoyaki

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I'm onto my fourth entry about Sakuma drop candies already! This time, it's yet another inspiration from a savory food; Takoyaki! I love Takoyaki, it's one of my all-time favorite Japanese foods. Takoyaki is a famous tasty savory snack, they're fried batter covered octopus balls, it's so delectable! Sometimes it only contains octopus inside, but other ingredients can be added too, such as green onion, pickled ginger etc...and it's usually served with okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise drizzled on top and sprinkled with shavings of fish meat (katsuobushi)...although often they are served plain without the sauce and fish shavings.
This particular Takoyaki-inspired Sakuma drops is a special regional flavor from Osaka; the birthplace of takoyaki.
sakuma-takoyaki.jpg sakuma-takoyaki2.jpg

'Pretz' biscuit sticks - Pizza

Posted by Linda on 12. 2011 2 comments 0 trackback
Sorry I haven't been updating for a while...I've been quite busy this past week...I initially was going to update yesterday, but after hearing about the massive devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan yesterday which caused a huge tsunami to sweep across the country, I was so overwhelmed with shock and worry for all my relatives & family who are living there. I spent much of the day yesterday trying to contact my loved ones, I'm still in a state of shock right now, and I pray for the safety of all the people of Japan.

Because I'll be spending more efforts in much of today to contact my loved ones in Japan, running errands and babysitting my niece, this will only be a very short and brief review.

Pretz 'Pizza':
pretz-pizza.jpg pretz-pizza2.jpg
these classic crispy and crunchy Pretz sticks were perfectly and accurately seasoned in a resealable bag to lock in the freshness.
My only very minor complaint about it is that I felt there wasn't enough pretz sticks in the pack, I wanted more!

My rating (overall):

'Cratz' snacks - Smokey cheese

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After my pleasant encounter with Glico's 'Cratz' snacks with the Pepper bacon & almond Cratz, I couldn't wait to order my next packet of this lip-smacking snack! I decided to go for the smokey cheese this time:
cratz-smokeycheese.jpg cratz-smokeucheese2.jpg
once again, these lovely crunchy pretzel bites were seasoned nicely and accurately along with whole toasted almond pieces inside the pack. But like all Cratz snacks, the flavors might become too salty for your palate the more you consume, since these Cratz snacks are originally made to accompany a beverage like beer. So it's better to munch on these with some water or a beverage.
These Cratz snacks are great for parties, or just have them all to yourself, I always keep these to myself!

My rating (overall):

'Melty Kiss' chocolate - Matcha

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'Melty Kiss' are these seriously delectable cubes of rich chocolate from Meiji in a deluxe fashion, it's a very popular brand in Japan and also one of my favorite brands from the company, and if you have tried these Melty Kiss chocolates before, then you will understand why! And with a brand name like that, who wouldn't be tempted?
Because I love drinking matcha & other types Japanese green teas, and have a soft spot for green tea flavored confectionery, I just couldn't go pass the matcha Melty Kiss:
meltykiss-matcha.jpg meltykiss-matcha2.jpg
individually wrapped cubes of creamy matcha chocolate coated with rich bittersweet dark choc, and dusted with more cocoa powder on top, sounds irresistible? It tastes even more delectable than it sounds, creating a melt-in-your-mouth rich chocolate sensation for your tastebuds!
Seriously, Melty Kiss chocolates are not to be missed for any confectionery lover.

My rating (overall):



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