Kit Kat - Kokutou & Kinako and dark chocolate

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2 more Japanese Kit Kat flavors to review, today I will blog about the Kokutou & Kinako flavor & dark...firstly, the dark:
it's basically just dark chocolate KK, the simple slightly bitter rich dark choc coating the crispy wafers, and since I LOVE dark choc, it really couldn't get any better than this for me!
My rating (overall):

now the Kokutou & Kinako flavor:
kitkat-kinako.jpg kitkat-kinako2.jpg
this one is definitely a more complex flavor, the chocolate coating is enriched with kokutou (brown sugar) flavor, with sweet kinako (soy bean) powder flavor choc between the wafers, so you get 2 different flavors in this one, but they both blend in quite well together. The kinako choc between the wafers had a somewhat peanut taste...though I could barely taste the kinako because the flavor from the kokutou choc coating was so overpowering anything else, to the extent that mostly all I could taste was brown sugar kokutou...with barely tastes of choc & kinako. This is my only tiny complaint about this KK, I felt the kokutou flavor was just a bit too strong...I would've enjoyed it more if the kokutou flavor wasn't so overpowering, so to bring out more of the kinako flavor...oh well.
But overall, this was yet another interesting KK experience for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed savoring it.
My rating (overall):

'Xylitol' gum - Fresh mint

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'Xylitol' is a popular chewing gum brand from Lotte, Xylitol (a natural sweetener) is used as a healthier substitute for any "bad" sweeteners in its chewing gums, hence the name of the brand. This is the original fresh mint flavor:
xylitol-mint.jpg xylitol-mint2.jpg
you immediately experience a burst of strong fresh mint flavor that not only freshens your breath instantly, but helps keep your teeth strong.
I do have 1 complaint, the mint flavor almost completely dissolved within a matter of some minutes, it would've been better if the fresh mint flavor was longer lasting.

My rating (overall):
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'Koala no March' - Caramel Au Lait

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I love these 'Koala no March' snacks, and there's a new winter special edition flavor available now; Caramel Au Lait, basically caramel latte!
koalanomarch-caramelaulait.jpg koalanomarch-caramelaulait2.jpg
creamy caramel latte chocolate filling with crunchy biscuit casing, and of course, the cute pictures of the koala mascot printed on each biscuit. I think this has just become one of my fave 'Koala no March' flavors!
Also, when you eat these straight from the packet, the biscuits have cooled & the choc filling has hardened. To beat the chilly winter, you can also heat these biscuits up, just whack these in the microwave for about 30 seconds, the biscuits will warm up & the choc filling will melt. I noticed that these are just as yummy when heated up!

My rating (overall):

'Copan' rusk - Butter salt

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Oh boy! After my first sensational experience with those delectable tuna & onion Copan toast snacks from Meiji back in September, I couldn't wait to order my second packet of Copan! I decided to try a different flavor the second time round and ordered the butter salt flavor:
copan-buttertoast.jpg copan-buttertoast2.jpg
I actually received these in my 4th order from NapaJapan back in October, but it took me this long to blog about it.
Anyway, the flavors & seasonings of these were not as intense as the tuna & onion Copan, but they were by no means any less delicious! In fact, these were just as irresistibly tasty! The flavorings were lite & fresh, but very accurate, and the rusk toast pieces themselves were very crispy & crunchy as usual.
I highly recommend these Copan snacks, they're just so tasty, not only are they great snacks to munch on by themselves, they also make a perfect garnish to a dish.

My rating (overall):

You can order these Copan snacks at NapaJapan here:

Coffee Swiss Roll cake from Nice Bakery

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There was a problem with my computer so I had it fixed at a local repair shop I dropped it off at the repair shop, I decided to pop into Nice Bakery for a snack, since it's located right next to the repair shop. I was debating on whether to buy my usual favorite the crab & cheese bun, or a slice of cake...I have to be frank though, I don't particular like their individual cakes...despite their tasty buns & celebration cakes... I've also tried a few of their different smaller individual cakes before and I thought they all tasted a bit "bland", also I've tasted their individual Chocolate, Taro & Green tea cakes, and all of them somehow tasted rather similar to me. But yesterday I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and decided to try a different cake this time, a slice of their Coffee swiss roll cake. Even though I love coffee cake, and have tasted a lot of really good coffee cakes from numerous different bakeries...I didn't have high expectations on Nice Bakery's coffee cake...considering all my previous rather disappointing experiences with their individual cakes:

Sushi deluxe & beef udon

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Finally! My very first dining/restaurant entry! I had been putting it off for quite some time now...actually, almost 2 months now! Because the first dining experience I'm going to blog about happened about 6 weeks ago...I was planning on blogging about it then, but for some unknown reason I kept putting it off. But finally today I thought I should just get it over and done with.

So, about 6 weeks ago, a close friend of mine Jessica and I went on our weekly shopping trip to the city. About lunch time, we went to this really nice little Japanese restaurant/eatery where we sometimes like to go for lunch. I don't think either of us remember the name of the place, nor do we know the address for it...but it's located at the very corner beside the traffic lights just opposite the entrance of Market City, outside Chinatown in Central.
It's a very popular little eatery, every time we pass there in the late mornings, there's already people lining outside, business is always very busy there by noon.

Green Tea mochi 2

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Bought these yesterday during my frequent grocery trip to Tong Li, Japanese matcha (green tea) mochi (again), but this time it's made by a different company, this one is from Bamboo House, another Taiwanese company that specializes in Japanese Mochi.
greenteamochi.jpg greenteamochi2.jpg greenteamochi3.jpg
firstly, I love the beautiful print on the box! The glutinous rice molds of each piece of mochi was very soft and chewy like it should be with a nice pastel green color while the filling was matcha paste.
Overall these were really nice & fresh...although I would've liked these a bit better if they had a bit more matcha flavor in them. I still prefer the matcha mochi from Royal Family...but these were still good though.

My rating (overall):



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