Pocky - Almond crush

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I was so excited when I saw this at my local Chinese grocery 'Tong Li', because it's very rare to find genuine Japan-made snacks & sweets outside Japan, unless you go to a authentic Japanese grocery. Sure you can find lots of Japanese brand confectionery & snacks outside Japan, but most of them are made in other countries like Thailand, Singapore or China, and they're NOT genuinely made in Japan. Up till now, I could only get genuinely made in Japan snacks & sweets either online, or from a authentic Japanese grocery (and we have very few here in Australia).
I was particularly excited when I saw this Pocky at Tong Li, because unlike most Japanese brands they sell which are made in a different country, this one is genuinely made and imported directly from Japan! Honestly, I was really surprised that they're selling genuine Japan-made Pocky now. But I'm not getting my hopes up just yet, because authentic Japan-made snacks & sweets are quite expensive to bulk purchase & export, and then retail in mass stores & groceries overseas. Then again, this is probably why Japanese sweets & snacks which are made in other countries are much more commonly found overseas. So I am not expecting Tong Li to make a 180 degrees turn and start selling a whole bunch of food directly imported from Japan. But I'm thankful that they're at least selling ONE authentic Japan-made product in their store!
Ok enough of all that rambling...this is Pocky's Almond crush, it's one of their all-time popular flavors, and comes in a deluxe box of 6 packets, each packet contains 4 Pocky sticks.
pocky-almondcrush.jpg pocky-almondcrush2.jpg

'Crunky' chocolate - White

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Very similar to the purple sweet potato Crunky, only the confection is entirely in white chocolate:
crunky-white1.jpg crunky-white2.jpg crunky-white3.jpg
individually packaged pieces of lovely melt-in-your-mouth sweet white chocolate with the Crunky staple of crispy malt puffs embedded in each piece. What more can I say?

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Pork floss bun

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I went to my local Chinese bakery Nice Bakery again a while ago to buy a bun and a bottle of milk tea for afternoon snack.
I'm not particularly fond of the bakery and they don't have a lot of selections of buns to choose from compared to the Asian bakeries in the CBD & Chinatown, and they only a very few buns I particularly love & would sometimes buy them from the bakery. Initially I wanted to get my usual favorite the crab & cheese bun, but then I decided to try a new bun that I hadn't tried before...I was debating between 2 buns, until I finally decided on this floss bun, since I love pork floss. Pork floss is a dried meat product that's very popular with Chinese food culture.
basically it's merely a plain white bun (with no filling) topped with a generous amount of pork floss, the bun itself was freshly baked, but the star of the show was definitely the lovely pork floss topping.
Overall, it's nice but a bit too ordinary for my taste, there wasn't anything particularly special or stand out about it, aside from the pork floss.

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'Ta Pasta' snack - black seafood

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here's another interesting savory/salty snack from the famous Glico company, it's a new brand, only released early this year called 'Ta Pasta'. They're dried REAL pasta sticks made with various ingredients...at the moment, there's only 3 flavors available; black seafood, peperoncino, and a new flavor that's just been released; basil & cheese. Today I'll be blogging about the black seafood flavor, I've never had these Ta Pasta snacks before, so this was my first encounter with the new brand:
tapasta-blackseafood.jpg tapasta-blackseafood2.jpg

'Sakuma' drop candy - Potato chips

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My second review on these fascinating Japanese food drops from Sakuma! I won't get into the introductions about Sakuma candy drops again since I've already explained briefly about them in my first Sakuma drop candy entry about the 'Ikura don' flavor here.
Ok, so for my second Sakuma drops entry, I will review about the potato chips flavor, yes, you read right, POTATO CHIPS!
sakuma-potatochips.jpg sakuma-potatochips2.jpg
Ok, so candies & lollies are one of the most loved type of confectioneries there is, and potato chips are perhaps the cream of the crop in the snacks world. But have you, or anyone else in this world for that matter, ever thought about how it would turn out if you combine the 2? Well, the people at Sakuma surely did! And not only did they came up with the idea, but they actually executed it! And here it is! A drop candy with all the flavor of potato chips! Oh the Japanese never fail to amaze me!
Well, how did they taste? Well, about a second after you pop each candy in your mouth, that strong taste of potato chips just hits you, it was quite incredible. I was amazed, the guys at Sakuma, really captured the real flavor of packed potato chips, and infused all those flavors into these pieces of candy drops!
Overall, not a bad creation from Sakuma, I enjoyed this flavor more than the 'Ikura don' flavor, and I had no problems savoring through half of the candies in the tin (my mum ate the other half). But...at the end of the day, I have to say, I still much prefer candies & potato chips to be separated!

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'Pocky' chocolate biscuit sticks - Milk coffee

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Here's another flavor of my favorite biscuit stick snack 'Pocky'; milk coffee!
pocky-milkcoffee.jpg pocky-milkcoffee2.jpg pocky-milkcoffee3.jpg
let me just say firstly, I love the kawaii cupid prints on the packaging! Ok, moving onto the pocky sticks themselves, this is one of the original flavors of Pocky, milk coffee has been one of Pocky's most popular flavors available for years, and I'm glad it's back in production! Beautifully sweet milk coffee chocolate coating 80% of each stick, pure heaven!

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'Fran' biscuit sticks - Fromage

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The confectionery & snacks industry worldwide is a fierce competition, and in Japan, that is particularly so. In Asia, biscuit sticks are a very popular snack...and in the competitive land of biscuit stick snacks, Glico's juggernaut 'Pocky' leads the way. Meanwhile, Meiji's 'Fran' biscuit sticks could be the near-double "underdog" of Pocky...besides 'Pepero' from Lotte (which is the cheaper Korean rip-off of Pocky).
Although Fran is almost a copy of Pocky, they still have their differences...Pocky sticks are normally thinner & longer, and typically has 1 substantial layer of chocolate coating about 80% of each stick. While Fran biscuit sticks are thicker & shorter, and they normally have 2 separate layers of coating; a base coating of cream, and then the top layer of chocolate coating about 80% of each stick...and because of this double-layers effect, you get a thicker coating.
Anyway, although my fave biscuit stick snack will always be the one and only Pocky! I also really like Fran biscuit sticks, and would often buy them once in a while. So today I will blog about Fran's 'Fromage' flavor:
fran-fromage.jpg fran-fromage2.jpg
for those who don't know, 'Fromage frais' originates in Belgium & north of France, it basically means "fresh cheese", while 'Fromage blanc' means "white cheese". Since it states on the pack the name of the flavor is simply 'Fromage', I suspect either fresh cheese or white cheese was the key flavor of this, or perhaps even a combination of both.
As soon as I took my first bite of the first stick I took out of the pack, my taste buds were instantly welcomed by a strong flavor of white chocolate with a very "cheesy" edge to it. Each biscuit stick was crunchy and the coating was thick and very pleasant. Love it!

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'LOOK' chocolate - Parfait A La Mode

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Honestly, Japanese sweets & confectioneries may be among the best in the world, but some of them sure have some really strange brand names! And this is no exception! This is part of the popular 'LOOK' chocolate brand from Fujiya; one of Japan's oldest confectionery manufacturers & nation-wide confectionery chain shop. Its first shop was established in 1910 in Yokohama. Although nowadays Fujiya may not be among Japan's leading confectionery manufacturers, but it is among the most experienced in the industry...or at least, they should be, and 'LOOK' chocolate is one of their most popular & recognized brands. This is the 'Parfait A La mode':
look-parfait.jpg look-parfait2.jpg

'Pretz' pretzel sticks - Gyoza

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Pretz from Glico! My fave savory snack!This is a special flavor from Pretz's 2010 summer special range from Eastern Japan; Gyoza (fried dumplings):
I love gyoza! My mum and I often boil or fry gyoza for lunch, sometimes I have them by themselves, and at other times they're accompanied with dipping sauce. Normally they are dipped in sauce and eaten, and in this instance, when I tasted these pretzel sticks, I realized they had used a spicy sauce as a reference for the flavor. The whole intent of this flavor was to give the consumer the full flavor of fried gyoza already dipped in spicy sauce. I didn't quite like the spicy seasoning for the sticks, because I don't like spicy foods, so that sort of put me off a bit. Whenever I eat gyoza accompanied with dipping sauce, I make the sauce myself using a mixture of soyu (soy sauce), vinegar (white or apple cider) & finely crushed ginger...which isn't spicy, but rather a salty & sour sauce with a refreshing taste of ginger. So I actually didn't expect this to be spicy at all, I was rather surprised...and a bit disappointed. I guess the Japanese love their spicy sauce more, to each their own I suppose.
Overall, it's not a bad flavor, I still quite enjoyed it...although I wasn't very happy with the spicy seasonings, but it wasn't terribly spicy either.

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