'Yan Yan' chocolate biscuit sticks - Cream & Mango

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I really like these 'Yan Yan' snacks from Meiji! They're fun biscuit stick snacks that you dip into chocolate or cream, oishii! Nowadays I don't buy them as much as before, but they're always a delicious treat to have once in a while. However a problem I often encounter when I eat these is that sometimes I discover there just wasn't enough biscuit sticks in each pack for the dipping, because they're so irresistibly tasty just by themselves!
Today I'm going to blog about the cream & mango Yan Yan...first the cream Yan Yan:
this is the original flavor...the biscuit sticks were lovely & crunchy, and the cream dip was thick, creamy & sweet like always, perfect!
My rating (overall):

here's the mango flavor:
yanyan-mango.jpg yanyan-mango2.jpg yanyan-mango3.jpg
the same as the cream flavor, only the dip was mango flavoured cream, this is a new flavour of Yan Yan...and it did not disappoint, the mango cream was thick with just about the right amount of mango flavor...although I would've loved it more if the mango flavor was a little bit stronger...but other than that tiny flaw, this is also a sure hit!
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Peanut mochi 2

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My second review on peanut mochi! I love Mochi, or any kinds of Wagashi...in case any of you don't know, Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets normally eaten with tea, they are a staple during Japanese tea ceremonies.
Sorry, I forgot the name of the manufacturer, but I assume it's from another Taiwanese company:
the filling was peanut paste:
I loved these, the glutinous rice molds of each piece were lovely, soft & chewy, as they should be. The peanut paste filling and dusted peanut powder surrounding each piece really brought out a pleasant peanut flavor, not too strong, but not subtle either.
These were much better than the single serve peanut mochi from Nice Bakery I had back in August.

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'Hi-chew' candy - Cotton candy & Melon

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'Hi-chew' or sometimes known for its Japanese name as 'Hi-chu', from Morinaga are bubblegum-like chewy candies bursting with flavor...so these are the watagashi (cotton candy) & melon flavors, firstly the watagashi cotton candy:
hichewcottoncandy.jpg hichewcottoncandy2.jpg
on the label it says "Hi-chu Jr.", so I'm guessing this one is mainly targeted for children? I wasn't sure since I didn't pay much attention when I bought this at the local Chinese grocery. To the candy itself, there were about 7 candies in each pack, as expected, each candy were very chewy like bubblegum, and bursting with sweetness...there were also some caramelized sugar embedded in each piece, to give them that texture of cotton candy.
Over all, it was nice...but, not that tempting for me personally...I don't know...I guess I just don't like the idea of the sugar embedded in the candy very much...I know it gives the candy the texture of cotton candy, but still...I just wasn't very fond of it, but that's just my own preference.
My rating (overall):

now onto the melon candy:
hichu-melon.jpg hichu-melon2.jpg
I liked this one better than the cotton candy, again, very chewy & each candy was bursting with lovely Rockmelon (also known as Cantaloupe in America) flavor. I love melons & melon flavored candies!
My rating (overall):

'Chelsea' candy - Hokkaido Milk scotch

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This is a special regional edition of Chelsea scotch candy, from the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido; Hokkaido milk scotch:

'Crunky' chocolate - Purple sweet potato

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here's another great flavor from LOTTE's popular 'Crunky' chocolate brand; Purple sweet potato. Roasted sweet potatos has long been a popular lite snack in Japan for many centuries, and it is still quite popular today, and with increasing popularity of the purple sweet potatos. I personally was never too fond of eating roasted sweet potatos on their own, but hey, when I saw this new flavor Crunky from LOTTE, sweet potatos with chocolate, what a wonderful combination! So I was really excited about this and didn't hesitate to order it at NapaJapan!
crunky-purplepotato.jpg crunky-purplepotato2.jpg crunky-purplepotato3.jpg

'Hello Panda' cookies - Strawberry

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I went to my local Chinese grocery yesterday for some snacks & food since I had some friends over for lunch...and considering how bad a cook I amI decided it was safer to go out and buy some snacks, as oppose to me cooking something for them. Mind you, if it was any other ordinary day, I wouldn't mind fixing myself some not-so-pleasant food...but since I had some guests over yesterday, I didn't want to embarrass myself with my terrible cooking!

Anyway, this is one of the snacks I bought...ever since I was a little kid, I've always loved these 'Hello Panda' biscuit snacks from Meiji! These lovely little biscuits filled with yummy chocolate in the center, and with these various little cute prints of the panda character on the front of each biscuit. This is 1 of the classic favorites; strawberry:
meijipanda-strawberry.jpg meijipanda-strawberry2.jpg meijipanda-strawberry3.jpg

Meiji - Rich Mango chocolate

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This is a block of Meiji's rich mango choc, it's part of their 'Rich Chocolate' range:
richmango.jpg richmango2.jpg
I have tried quite a lot of mango flavored chocolate over the years, but I had NEVER tasted one quite like this! I was amazed by the flavor from the very first bite! The mango flavor was so rich and concentrated, I was already so delighted upon the first bite as the strong flavor of rich mangos burst in my mouth! The highly concentrated flavor of mango was in no doubt the star of the show! Definitely among the best chocolates I've tasted yet! Certainly one of my most recommended sweets! It was a great experience! I just wish I had ordered more of it!

You can order Meiji's Rich Chocolate range, including this rich mango choc @ NapaJapan:
although they currently are out of stock, which isn't surprising, these sell out fast! But they should have them back in stock soon.

My rating (overall):

Kit Kat - Winter strawberry

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Japan has already produced a strawberry flavor kit kat, and here's another kind they made using strawberries specifically grown in winter.
winterstrawberryKK.jpg winterstrawberryKK2.jpg
unlike the regular strawberry flavored kit kats which were coated with strawberry flavored white chocolate, this one was coated with milk choc instead (obviously)...slightly reducing the full strawberry flavor. The star of this particular KK for me, was the strawberry cream between the wafers, which brought out most if not all of the lovely strawberry flavor.

Up till now, I am still unable to make out the difference between regular strawberries & strawberries grown in winter...nor can I differentiate between the tastes of the 2. So I am not sure exactly what the difference is between this KK and the regular strawberry KK...they all have the same flavor to me...the only difference I was able to taste was the use of milk choc instead of the regular white choc.

Overall, this was a really nice KK with a lovely flavor of strawberry...although there's really nothing special about this one, as it virtually has the same strawberry taste as the regular strawberry kit kat (to me anyway).

My rating (overall):

Taipei egg crisps

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I went grocery shopping yesterday, saw this pack of Taiepi egg crisps in our local Chinese grocery, it seemed tempting I thought it won't hurt to give it a try, so I bought a box of it for AU$2.50.
eggcrisps.jpg eggcrisps2.jpg
the first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the quantity, only contained 6 crisps, so I was a bit disappointed...I had expected more quantities of it for my money's worth...but in slight fairness, each crisp were quite decent in size. As for the taste? Much worse than the small quantity, there was nothing special about the taste whatsoever...photographed on the cover, it seemed like there were a layer of shredded coconut embedded inside each crisp, but I didn't see any shredded coconut, nor was I able to taste any.
However, not all was disappointing, each crisp did live up to its name, they were crispy & crunchy, so I will give them points for that. Just quantity & the taste I was disappointed in, very 'bland', nothing special.

My rating (overall):
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'Chelsea' candy - Peach milk scotch

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After a slightly disappointing Yogurt scotch, I was hoping this peach milk scotch Chelsea would be a lot more satisfying & tempting, and it certainly was!
chelsea-peachmilk.jpg chelsea-peachmilk2.jpg
I was actually very intrigued about this particular flavor, because I have never tried peach milk before, so I wasn't quite sure of the flavor. But as always, the beautiful Chelsea packaging really lured me, and the flavor sounds so tempting so I didn't hesitate to add this to my 4th order with NapaJapan!
What can I say, I was pleasantly stunned with this one, each candy bursting with the sweet flavor of peach, and creamy milk, which were eagerly welcomed by my taste buds as soon as I popped the candy into my mouth! I think the peach and milk really blends well together, creating a refreshing, creamy sweet sensation in your mouth!
I can safely say that this is definitely, without a doubt, one of my favorite Chelsea candy flavors yet!And also one of the best flavors Meiji Chelsea have come up with!
Now I have this eagerness to try peach milk! Although I doubt I'll be able to find it here in Australia *sigh* but I will keep searching!

My rating (overall):

you can order 'Chelsea' peach milk scotch, as well as other Chelsea flavors at NapaJapan here:



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