Happy Birthday to me! ^_^

Posted by Linda on 25. 2010 7 comments 0 trackback
Yesterday was my birthday! HAPPY B'DAY TO ME!!There was a small "party" (if you could call it that) held last night at my place...in previous years, usually I would invite a lot of people & we would go to a restaurant for dinner & then go back to my place for the cake. But this year I wasn't feeling particularly in the mood for a big celebration, so we only had a small gathering of friends & relatives over for dinner.

Sorry I didn't take much photos from last night because I wasn't in the mood to take photos, however, I did take a few photos of the birthday cake, so I can blog about it with a short & brief review.

So this was my b'day cake, it's a Taro cake:
bcake1.jpg bcake2.jpg



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