Kit Kat chunky - Uji Matcha

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My fourth order with NapaJapan has just arrived at my doorstep a few hours ago, yatta!
So, my first goodie from my 4th order I'll review about is this chunky Kit Kat bar, another invention from Kit Kat Japan! I love drinking maccha (green tea), and any maccha flavored confectioneries & snacks! So I was really delighted to see this Uji maccha flavored chunky KK available, assuming it will have a very strong flavor of my fave tea, I didn't hesitate to order this:
kitkatbar-maccha.jpg kitkatbar-maccha2.jpg
frankly...I was just slightly disappointed with this one...despite the thick coating of green maccha flavored chocolate surrounding the entire bar, and more maccha flavored icing between the wafers, the full flavor of maccha however, just wasn't as strong as I had anticipated...I felt the flavor of the white choc had slightly overpowered the rather subtle taste of the maccha, so that was a bit of a let-down for me.
Overall, it wasn't "bad", I still enjoyed munching on it and I had no troubles consuming the entire bar in under 2 minutesjust that I would've loved it much more if the full maccha flavor had been stronger.

My rating (overall):

I also took some points off for the price; US$3.99 for each bar, I felt the price was a bit too high for the bar. Over here in Australia, we can buy a chunky sized chocolate bar for about half that price. Then again, Japanese Kit Kats are just so rare to find outside Japan, so I wouldn't mind spending some extra money on these Japanese sweets once in a while

Happy Birthday to me! ^_^

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Yesterday was my birthday! HAPPY B'DAY TO ME!!There was a small "party" (if you could call it that) held last night at my previous years, usually I would invite a lot of people & we would go to a restaurant for dinner & then go back to my place for the cake. But this year I wasn't feeling particularly in the mood for a big celebration, so we only had a small gathering of friends & relatives over for dinner.

Sorry I didn't take much photos from last night because I wasn't in the mood to take photos, however, I did take a few photos of the birthday cake, so I can blog about it with a short & brief review.

So this was my b'day cake, it's a Taro cake:
bcake1.jpg bcake2.jpg

'Cratz snacks - Pepper bacon & almond

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These are 'Cratz', a lip-smackingly delicious salty snack from Glico, these are little pretzel bites snacks lovely seasoned to accommodate any beverage, especially beer. But these are lovely eaten just by themselves too! This is one of Cratz's original flavors; pepper bacon & almond:
cratzbacon.jpg cratzbacon2.jpg

'Copan' rusk snacks - Tuna & onion

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This is a pack of Italian-inspired 'Copan' snack from Meiji (the largest & one of the most famous Japanese confectionery/snacks & pharmaceutical company), this is the tuna & onion flavor:
copan-tuna.jpg copan-tuna2.jpg
I ordered this at NapaJapan in my 3rd order with the site, this was the very first pack of Copan snack I ever bought, so I didn't know what to expect initially. I read in the item description at NapaJapan, and it states that these Copan snacks are mini crispy toast ovals with savory flavors. They sounded very interesting & tempting so I decided on the tuna & onion flavor as my first try, and I'm glad I did! I was so pleasantly surprised by these! Each of the toast pieces were beautifully golden, crispy & crunchy, and bursting with loads of lovely tuna & onion flavor! These were so irresistibly tasty, that I had a hard time stopping, piece after piece, I popped them in my mouth, savoring the seriously addictive flavors & crispiness of each piece.
My mum loved these Copan toast pieces too, we actually fought over the pack! I did let her have a few pieces, but then I had to lock myself in my room just to prevent her from snatching anymore from the pack!

Overall, these were absolutely delicious, a highly recommended snack that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere!
There are currently 5 different flavors of Copan available (all sounding & looking so delectable!), you can order them at NapaJapan here:

My rating (overall):

'Pretz' biscuit sticks - Butter

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'Pretz' from Glico have long been one of the most widely popular & recognized Japanese snacks on the market, it's also one of my fave all-time snacks!They're very satisfying pretzel stick snacks, mainly with savory flavors, so it's mainly a savory snack. This is the butter flavor:
as usual, these were absolutely delicious! Each stick had a good amount of seasoning with very accurate and strong butter flavor, the pretzel sticks themselves were beautifully crunchy and crispy, like Pretz snacks always are!
I have tried so many different flavors of Pretz, and honestly, these are among the BEST snacks I have ever eaten! Period! They're so good that they don't necessarily need all these fancy flavors, just give me these plain pretzel sticks with no flavorings whatsoever and it would still be irresistibly delicious! These different flavors & seasonings are just the icing on the cake! Ok, I admit, I have a HUGE obsession & craving for Pretzthey're just so irresistibly good! Every time I dig into a pack of Pretz, I always have a hard time of holding back, and normally I would finish the whole pack in less than no time, because I just can't resist it! I can't put them away and save them for another time, if I open a pack of Pretz, I have to finish the entire box in one go! And this butter flavor was no different, I think I finished the entire pack in under 2 minutes! It's definitely one of my all-time fave Pretz flavors, highly recommended!

You can order Pretz, as well as other great Japanese snacks & sweets at NapaJapan.

My rating (overall):

'Chelsea' candy - Yogurt scotch

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If you have read my entry on the Chelsea Coffee scotch candy, then you will know that I love Chelsea candies & I've tried several of its flavors already. So this is the yogurt scotch:
chelsea-yogurt1.jpg chelsea-yogurt02.jpg
I was initially really excited when I ordered this at NapaJapan (along with lots of other goodies, this is my 3rd order from NapaJapan actually) and eagerly anticipating for my box of goodies to arrive at my doorstep.
When it finally arrived, I tore through the package, this was among those goodies I was most eager to tuck into, so I opened the package & popped the first candy into my mouth.
It had a nice flavor to it, you could taste the yogurt flavor, the slight "tang" of yogurt flavor in the candy.
But in all honesty, overall I wasn't particularly impressed with this one...frankly, it was a bit disappointing for me...I still liked this just wasn't as good as I had anticipated...certainly not as good as all the other Chelsea flavors I've tried.

My rating (overall):

'Crown' peanuts & strawberry biscuits

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I went to our local Chinese supermarket Tong Li yesterday and bought these 2 packs of biscuits, manufactured by Crown which is a Korean company...

firstly the peanut biscuits:
crown-peanut.jpg crown-peanut2.jpg
there were 6 smaller individual packets in the box, each packet contained 4 small biscuit sandwiches.

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'Crunky' chocolate - Cookies & cream

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This was my second try of LOTTE's 'Crunky' chocolate bars range after the banana crunky, and I have to say, I really don't know which one I love more! This is cookies & cream, yum!
There were loads of crunchy cookie bits embedded in the milky white chocolate bar, as well as the usual crispy malt puffs. I really don't know what else to say, this was simply delicious!

My rating (overall):

'Collon' cream cookies - Cheescake

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another flavor from Glico's popular 'Collon' cookie snack range; Cheesecake!
collon-cheesecake.jpg collon-cheesecake2.jpg
these tasted very similar to the original cream Collon, only you could taste the slight cheesecake flavor in the cream filling, yum!
I really liked this flavor, my only complaint is that I felt the cheesecake flavor in the cream filling as a little too subtle, I would've liked it more if the cheesecake flavor was a little stronger. But other than that, the rolled wafer biscuits were beautifully crispy & crunchy. Overall, it's still really yummy, I love it.

My rating (overall):

'Tim Tam' chocolate biscuits - Chewy Caramel

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Both my mum & I love these Tim Tam chocolate biscuits, this is yet another new flavor; Chewy Caramel:
timtamcaramel.jpg timtamcaramel2.jpg
my mum went grocery shopping yesterday & bought 2 packets of Tim Tams, this flavor & the Classic dark again. Frankly when I saw she had bought this flavor I wasn't particularly excited because I hate caramel, so normally I wouldn't "intentionally" buy any sort of confectionery that has caramel in it, I hate the fact that caramel always sticks to my teeth. But I was pleasantly surprised by this one...mainly because the caramel wasn't so hard & sticky like it usually is in other confectioneries. Instead the caramel in each of these Tim Tam biscuits was soft, runny & gooey, and they literally melted in my mouth almost immediately after each bite, which is quite caramel typically are hard, chewy & sticks to your teeth instantly.

My rating (overall):



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