Coffee biscuits

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My mum bought this at our local chinese grocery the other day, these are coffee biscuits from a Japanese manufacturer (I forgot the name):
coffeebiscuits.jpg coffeebiscuits2.jpg
the biscuits were beautifully baked & golden, sandwiched between each pair of biscuits was a layer of coffee cream...the cream had a really pleasant aroma & flavor of coffee, not too strong, but pleasantly strong enough. Oishii!

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'Sakuma' drop candies - Ikura don

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Lately I have been very fascinated with these Sakuma drop candies, they've been around in Japan for almost a century...although they did experience a period of decline as more modern Japanese candies & confectioneries were produced in Japan...but in the last decade or so, these Sakuma food drops are gradually crawling their way back into the spotlight.

There's so many different flavors of Sakuma drops available, most of them are very unusual & wacky, the kind of flavors that you would NEVER imagine would be able to be executed in a candy! Most Sakuma flavors are savory, not sweet...although the candies mostly contain sweet flavorings, they basically just have a generous amount of their respective flavors added to each candy.
Just to give you an idea of just how wacky these flavors are, there's different kinds of ramen & udons flavors available, chili, potato chips, roasted sweet potato, hamburgers, Japanese sake etc, just to name a few...and this one, which is a special candy version rendition of the famous 'Ikura don' from Hokkaido:
ikuradon-sakuma.jpg ikuradon-sakuma2.jpg

'Tirol' chocolates

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I love these little square chocolates from Tirol, they've been around in Japan for so many decades! They come in so many different flavors!
Today I'll blog about 4 of the flavors, they came in a pack of 8 chocs, 2 of each flavor.

Firstly, the original 'Tirol' chocolate:
it's basically milk choc with some caramel in the center...I didn't quite like this one much because I hate caramel! It always sticks to my teeth...but I really liked the milk choc mom loved this better than I did.
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Doritos Gourmet - Spicy Sausage

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This is from Fritolay Japan's 'Doritos' gourmet range of corn me baka (stupid), but I actually ordered this at by mistake!I was intending to order another Doritos flavor, but "accidentally" added this spicy sausage flavor in my shopping cart instead...and yet I didn't even bother to double-check the items in my shopping cart CAREFULLY before I finalized it! Atashi hontou ni baka!
well anyway, I wasn't too disappointed by these doritos...although I don't really like spicy foods much, but since I love sausage, I didn't complain. Besides, if you don't like spicy foods, eating these chips with a few glasses of cold/cool water should do the trick.
Overall, this really isn't for my taste...but if you like spicy foods, then you would probably love this flavor, each chip contained a generous amount of spiciness.

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'Kado' Cabbage Taro

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here's another goodie in the package I ordered at! It's a little bag of cabbage flavored corn puffs from Kado! It's a very popular savory snack for kids in Japan...I initially ordered this for my little cousin who is 9 years old, but he didn't like it, so I ate much of it:
kadocabbage1.jpg kadocabbage2.jpg
firstly, the corn puffs were quite big...they were crunchy & nicely flavored with a tiny hint of sourness, but they melt in your mouth, which I was pleasantly surprised by. Although...the full flavor didn't taste much like cabbage at all, but still very nice nevertheless.
Now I know why this is such a popular snack for kids in Japan, but I think many adults would love this too.

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'Star in the Night Sky' (Kompeito) candy

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Lately I ordered a delightful package of candies & other goodies from, and this is 1 of of the many I's a small pocket sized cup of little Kompeito candies...Kompeito are star shaped hard candies which are claimed to "explode in all directions" when you pop them in your mouth...these candies have been around in Japan for many centuries.
starcandy.jpg starcandy2.jpg
they weren't too bad, but nor were they exciting either...when I read the description, it sounded interesting enough, but frankly, I was disappointed...I expected it would be like those exciting candies that make funny "popping" noises as they really "explode" in your mouth. But these were nothing like that...they were hard, as I expected, but as I bit down on each candy, they just break down into tiny pieces & dissolve in your mouth almost instantly...which was nice...but other than that, there wasn't anything else special about this candy, and there was nothing "exploding" about it either, rather disappointed.
But my mom seem to have liked these a lot more than I did, so I only ate a few of the candies & gave my mom the rest.

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Cadbury 'Cherry Ripe'

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I love this Cherry Ripe chocolate bar from Cadbury Australia for many years! Cherry Ripe is also Australia's oldest chocolate bar brand that has been in production since 1924! Invented by Leslie Atkinson, initially for the MacRobertson's Chocolates company in Australia, before the company was sold to Cadbury.
cherry ripe
cherry ripe2
it's made of loads & loads of shredded coconut with REAL cherry pieces in the center & coated with rich dark choc, for me, it's pure heaven! That's why I regularly buy a bar of this at my local supermarket.
I had put this bar in the fridge for about an hour before I ate it, so the texture was harder than usual.

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EDO Pack - Almond Cacao biscuit sticks

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This is a packet of Almond Cacao biscuit sticks from EDO Pack, which is a less-known Japanese confectionery manufacturer that has been expanding into other Asian countries in recent years:
it reminds me very much of the world famous Japanese biscuit stick snack Pocky, but does it taste better than Pocky? Well, it's a close competition...but my answer is NO. Not surprising, since how many competitors out there on the market right now that can beat the legendary 'Pocky' biscuit stick? The famous brand that sparked the whole biscuit stick revolution in Asia? Virtually NONE! Although some of these competitors are still worth the match nonetheless...and I think this is one of them.
With the word "CACAO" labeled in bold text, instantly you know they used dark chocolate to coat the biscuit sticks, also coating the sticks were some chopped almond pieces. The biscuit sticks were crunchy, the dark choc coating was pleasant, and the chopped almond pieces added some extra crunch. I just wish they had added more cocoa content to the dark choc coating, because I didn't think it was bitter enough for me (a avid dark choc lover here!)...and I thought the amount of almond pieces on each stick were less than I would've preferred...but overall it was good.

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'Collon' cookies - Cream

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I love Glico's 'Collon' cream biscuits range! This is the original cream flavor:
collon-cream.jpg collon-cream2.jpg

I love the rich soft cream flavor fillings in the center & the soft cylindrical cookies wrapped around the filling were crispy with a lovely flavor.
I wish I had bought more boxes of these today!

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Peanut mochi

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My mum bought this for me yesterday at our local Chinese bakery Nice Bakery, this is a peanut mochi, it was quite big:
peanut-mochi.jpg peanut-mochi2.jpg
because she bought me a mango mochi (which btw, was cho oishii so!) from the same bakery the other day that looked exactly the same from outer appearance, I had assumed that it was another mango mochi...until I took my first bite & instantly felt the crunch & tasted the flavor of chopped beautifully roasted peanuts (and quite a large amount of it too). The filling also contained quite a large amount of white sugar to balance out the savory taste of the peanuts. The glutinous rice mold of the mochi was soft & chewy and beautifully sweet, yet not too overpowering. And I love the addition of the shredded coconut sprinkled around the mochi.
Overall it was quite only complaint about it is that I did not like the addition of the sugar in the filling, I felt it was unnecessary. It made the mochi taste even more sweet than it needed to be.

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