'Tim Tam' chocolate biscuits - Black forest

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Anyone who has tried a Tim Tam biscuit would conclude that it is one of the BEST chocolate biscuits in the world! Produced by Arnott's, which is a famous Australian company, they manufacture a large range of chocolates, confectioneries, biscuits & snacks. Tim Tams are perhaps their most popular product, and if you have ever tried them, then you will understand what I mean.
Anyway, this is a new dessert flavor, Black forest!
timtam-blackforest.jpg timtam-blackforest2.jpg
so from outer appearance, it looks like a original Tim Tam, chocolate biscuits with rich milk choc coating...but after you take the first bite, you will noticed that instead of the usual milk choc cream sandwiched between the biscuits, there was a thick layer of white cream & some gooey raspberry fudge caramel in the center, yum! It does very much remind me of black forest cake!
and the taste? Irresistible!

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Kit Kat - Framboise

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I bought this KK flavor for my recent second order with NapaJapan, I heard this is one of the most popular Japanese KK flavors & I've read a lot of rave reviews about it in other food blogs, so I was eager to give this a try myself.
Although frankly, there was a slight hesitation at first because of my previous experience with the Raspberry & Passionfruit KK, which I did not like very much...
however, with my first bite, I immediately took a liking to it! There was a good balance of flavor with the chocolate & raspberry cream, which was nice. For me, this flavor is a great improvement from the raspberry & passionfruit KK.
What I also like about it is the packaging, the design on the box is very pretty & attractive (then again, most Japanese confectionery packaging are!), and I like the rougher texture of the box too, it's very different to the usual smooth Japanese KK boxes.
Overall, I intend on getting this flavor again the next time I order Japanese KKs!

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